What was the first year the CRF450R was made?

What was the first year the CRF450R was made? 2002? What would all of you recomend...is it worth it to save a few buks and get a used one or is the 2005 or 2004 that much better that it is worth the price of a new one? I currently have a DRZ 400S that is as much of road that I can make it here in NY. But that does not fit my desire to get into MX so somethings got to change here and I am leaning towards the CFR450R.

Just looking for some 2Cents. :cry:

IMO, '03 or newer. '04s are sweet.

my 02 was bullet proof no valve problems ,overhauled at over 200 hours but I'm in love with my new 05 CRF 450

You can't go wrong with any year CRF. The 2002 was great and they have constantly improved each year... more so in 04 and 05.

My 02 is better than an army tank when it comes to durability. its taken a beating and keeps on running. I love it, i see no need for a new one.

Thanks for the input guys. What is the price i should expect to pay to get it set up for a 6ft 4in 250 pound dude. I know they these are not stock equipt for that and I always read that suspension is the first and most important thing.

I thank all of you for the real world feedback in this forum. :cry: :cry:

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