2005 Starting Problems

I am having a hell of a time starting the new 450(it has 1.5 hrs now). This is my 3rd 450 (1st Honda) and it is a bear to start when cold (I am in Texas and it is in the 80s). At any rate, I have done the following:

1. Choke only and compression kicks - no luck

2. New Plug - same procedure - no luck

3. 2-5 blips, choke, compression licks - no luck

4. Lean over, no choke, compression kick - no luck

Basically, I have to start it by pushing it down my drive with some help from my wife (no so bad looking back at her chest!!). It lites up immediately. The kick is the problem.

Any suggestions before it goes back to the dealership?

Thanks in advance

My 03 during the first 15 hours did all kindsa crazy stuff like that....just keep at it and you well get it DIALED and know exactly how to start that beast, there is nothing wrong with the bike i am sure. Try different methods and find what works

When you say "Compression kick" You aren't pulling in the Hot start lever (thinkin it's a decomp lever) while you kick it cold are you? The CRF has an automatic decompressor. The hot start lever helps hot starting by leaning out the jetting. <-- You probably know all this, but just wanted to make sure.

When you got it started how did it run/idle? Did you check the valve clearance? They may need shimmed after the initial break in (but probably not).

What did you do to it since the last time you rode it and it ran good? (change jetting, washed it, disassembled the carb, ect...)

My 05 starts easier than my 02.

My '05 was so lean from the factory that it wouldn't even run. Once started, I had to rev it constantly to keep it from dying, all the while, it would pop and backfire while decelerating. I ended up turning the pilot screw out about 3/4 - 1 full turn and now it runs and starts much better. I don't think I will change the piolt jet, simply because of the fact that it has been really cold lately and the air is really dry. My current starting procedure: (adjust your pilot to richen mixture, if you need help, let me know) if engine is cold, blip the throttle 4 times, choke on, and it usually fires after 3-4 kicks. After it is warm, it fires with no choke, no hot start. But, the key is getting the pilot circuit adjusted properly. If after adjusting it, and blipping 4-5 times, still no start, then blip 1-2 more times. I know it seems like a lot of blipping, but this works for me. Seems like it needs a lot of juice to fire when its 50 degrees or below. And, remember to always shut off your fuel valve just prior to shutting it down a few seconds before killing it.

Even knowing that you'll figure it out, I'd be inclined to take that mof to the dealer and tell them to get it to start as it should. While I don't like going to the dealer, you paid 'em hard earned scratch for the bike, it ought to start.

Thanks so far...I am labeling a "compression kick" as a top-stroke kick...no relation to the hot start lever. I am so comfortable with the KTM an Yamaha but this dude is a !!!!! to start when the engine is cold.

Thanks again for the rapid input...still searching for an answer.

Thanks for the info. .....I will give it a try.

I know you stated you had other 450's but be sure you're not turning the throttle at all while kicking.

I had a big problem last fall getting my bike to fire when cold, but after reading some hints out on this site, this is what has been working for me. I fired it up yesterday at 45 degrees in 5 kicks. Gas on, choke on, 2 twists of the throttle, then hand off. Fuel screw at 2 turns out, nice consistent kicks. I think I had the bigest problem trying to over kick the bike. Coming off of two strokes, this is what I was used to.

Good Luck.

Mine was also tough to start until I re jetted. I went to the 45 pilot and it starts first kick and doesn't pop when I chop the throttle.

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