mace mill ride.

Well we went to mace mill/rock creek despite the smokey conditions. Friday we road loop 3 when we got there. My wife liked that loop but it was a little tougher than she would have liked on her first ride in three months and with the loose dry, dusty conditions but she did great.

Saturday, we rode with bigbob. he should us some of the trails 4, 5 1 and some others. Sure is nice to go with someone who knows the area. we appreciate the trail guiding , bob. Thanks. It was dusty, but if you want to ride you deal with the conditions. spread out and it was ok. We rode about 30-40 miles with bob in the first loop and about 15 on the second. After bob left I rode another 15 miles before calling it a day. I got some pictures I will get up on monday and I have a short video clip of bob coming down the trail. If someone can host it please let me know. Or bob if you pm me with your email I will send it to you. The video isn't anything too exciting but I figured bob would want to at least see it.

Sunday we woke up to rain on the roof of the trailer. Weather caster bob was right on with his weather forecast. Didn't look like it was going to rain but it sure did.

We did the darling ridge trail 1 and 2 loop cause I knew the trail and we just wanted to get a quick ride in. My dog zeke is sick and couldn't stand up so, I wanted to get on the road and get him home. In the morning it was like he was having an epileptic siezure. The vet says he has a prostrate problem but I am getting a second opinion. He leans to one side and loses his ballance quite a bit. He seems to be better now, he is eating and drinking water so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyway, it was raining pretty good on the ride, but there was NO DUST, hell yeah. But all the hard packed red clay was slicker than snot and the pine needles didn't improve traction. We didn't see anyone on the trail today, but there were a few people staging and taking off when we were leaving. You forget how bad the dust is until you ride in the rain and remember how much dust sucks.

All in all it was a good trip, I will go back. Looks like we are going to hit foresthill nov`13,14, 15 or somewhere there about.

best wishes for the dog. it sucks when they are sick or injured. We'll say a doggy get well prayer. Glad you and the wives liked loop 2. It's allways fun to turn some one to a new trail. I should have my pics up monday or tuesday.

What do ay mean nothing exciting about my video ride. I was flying down that hill, 5th gear man... :cry:

Video never does it justice. I know you were keeping the front wheel on the ground on purpose, don't want to look like a hot dog.

I thought I posted these last night but i guess not so here are a couple of bob.

Bob telling us about the goat trail. He says, "i suppose you guys want to go on it"

We say "oh yeah"


Bob coming up the hill.


Rocketgirl on the bridge.


Nice pictures. Too bad we didn't get any pictures after the bridge on that little narrow trail. I keep wondering what was down to my left but was too nervous to look down to check it out. :cry: I figured I better look ahead on the trail to get where I wanted to go.

Coming back saturday evening I almost went off right there. I was hauling ass back to camp and rounded the corner too fast and had to put my foot down and put the bike back on the trail. All in all a fun weekend.

Bob we got the low down on the dog. Evidently there is a disease called Old Dog syndrome and it causes symptoms like he was having. cocking the head and losing balance. He has a heart murmor but the syndrome will go away in about three weeks, if not we will have to look at other options. Today is his 7th b -day

Hey ZEKEDAWG and Bob, can I use a few of those images on my site? I have a places to ride section and I dont have a good picture of the terrain. Let me know


no problem with me.

I expect royaltys

Deal. Lets see, since you are the star in the photos you should get 75% of all money from the website.

Lets see thats 75% of $0. carry the one, that makes the grand total of your royalty check $0.00. Please pick it up from our cashier

Thanks guys. I should have it up be tonight

Bob, did you ever find a host for that video. I think you should show it off. :cry: :cry:

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