Goodbye Honda hellllllooooo KTM!

I know I am gonna get flamed for this but I have to post it. I sold that ticking time bomb of a CRF I had and bought an 04 leftover 200exc for $4500 bucks. This is the best bike I have ever owned. After having spent over $2000 at Factory Connection on suspension front and rear, I brought home the 200, set the sag and proceeded to grin. It takes anything I can throw at it and more, it is the smoothest and most tractable bike I have ever owned. I know there are alot of people out there such as my riding buddy that have never had a lick of trouble out of their CRF's, but mine was a big POS!!! That thing cost me more money in maintenance that my last 3 bikes put together. I am also way faster on the pumpkin in the woods and that was a big worry for me when going to a smaller bike. This thing feels like it weighs 60 pounds less and the weight and size of the 450 might have been an issue because of my size (140 pounds). Not to mention that I got a 6 month warranty, free Motorex premix, an extra needle, mainjet, and pilot jet and a decent manual. For now, Honda can $*ck it. Performance in exchange for reliability is for the birds. Valves are not "regular" maintenance in my eyes and my little 200 will walk most guys on 450's in the woods simply cause its so nimble and hooks up, and will run up near 80 mph in the open. Farewell my friends, its been real and I wish you all better luck than I had. :cry:

Don't forget to change yer sig.

Don't forget to change yer sig.

I second that.... :cry:

The 200 KTM is a 125 chassis with an big bore kit better handle a bit better than the CRF450 or you got the shaft :cry:

I agree, in the woods, it is the bike you are most comfortable on. If the better handling and slower motor make you go faster in the woods, kudos to you! After all, we do this for all boils down to rider skill in the end, and some riders just can't come to grips with the CRF450's power in tight stuff...even Scott Summers slows his down so it won't yank him around...

Glad to hear that. Now, don't let the door hit ya...

EXC? you gotta be kidding? I rode a 450 version of that bike and it was a complete tank, though it ran good.

I rode a 450exc too and I must agree, but try a 200 sometime in the woods and you will look at 2-smokes in a whole different light. I for one though I would ride 4-strokes for the rest of my life cause I didn't think I could ride a 2-smoke to save my life, then I bought one at the urging of friends and a reliable salesman that knows me and now I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT!!!! To be fast is about 40% bike and 60%rider, I could never understand how those damn kids could go so fast on those little 125's in the tight stuff. My first race on this bike will be Budds HS next weekend and I cant wait.

I almost bought a 250SX; salesman scared the crap outta me "this is the fastest 250 ever..." I figured I didn't want to die, so I bought the CRF450. :cry: Funny how things don't always turn out the way you think.

I still think the 250SX is the nicest looking bike out there (so long as it's got black rims).

Hu. Wow.

Enjoy the bike with no real class! I hear the 200's are the best of both worlds. 125 mobility, with just shy of the punch of a 250...

But it's a two stroke man! :cry:

the 300 ktm is a real nice bike as well. I ride with a guy who races a 200 and that thing rips!

sold my 200 mxc,,,cause I wanted another crf450r, what can i say,,now i have the same weight,and twice the power..its a good thang!!

so was that a goodbye goodbye or was it a goodbye I will from now on be only banging your daughter goodbye but you wont see me anymore since I will be banging others as well...

Your crazy if you think its the same weight, my CRF was a tank compared to this one and the advertised weights of the Jap bikes are always "fluffed up" with helium in the tank and tires and some aerospace alloys that only makes other places than the US. Their is no comparison in weight it feels at least 30 lbs. lighter and to prove it, I took off my rear wheel like a dumb a$$ in the drive yeaterday to change a pinch flat and get a fresh edge on the tire for next weekend and only then did I realize that I did not have an 18" tube to use so I had to carry the back end into the garage. I could never in a million years do that to my CRF, my driveway has a steep pitch to it and the bike was just too darn heavy. Thats how I can tell the diff in weight.

I'll come back and visit from time to time when I miss snatching wheelies at 70 plus and when get tired of mixing gas, but change is good and if they get the reliabilty back or at least that of shall I say it Yamaha with the ride of a Honda, I'll be back. But in the mean time it will be fun rippin past my old 4-strokin buddies in the tight stuff. :cry:

The 200EXC is a good bike and will last you quite a while. It's a much better fit for you since you weigh 140. The 450 was a little too big for ya and they can be a handful in the woods unless you tone em' down a bit. My wife had a 200EXC and we never had a problem with it. KTM has some pretty good engineering ideas when it comes to their bikes, but the one thing about their manuals is there is only a small section in English and there isn't a torque chart for all the bolts. You should be able to get up to 2 years out of top end on that bike depending how much riding you do. Hope you enjoy the bike. is a great website for the pumpkins...

140lbs on a CRF450 for the woods - and in the tight woods in Mayland! That seems rather extreme to me. Of course the 200 is a better bike for you - and a better woods bike anyway. I have a couple of friends with these - they are great bikes - very versatile and very light - I just do not know why you wanted the 450 if you ride only woods - of course it is going to feel like a pregnant pig compared to the KTM.

And of course you know you will be flamed. :cry:

I my be going with you. After not having to much trouble with my crf450 for the first year, the last one has been a differant story. The main decision will be the electric start. I am tired of having to kick start the crf450. At the motocross track it's not a problem, but during a endro or hare scramble it's starting to be a PIA. I have installed the zstart, which is great, a flywheel weight, and have played with the jetting/fuel screw but still have a couple of times during a race when I can't get the bike to start.

At the beginning of this year I borrowed a friend's KTM250exc for the first endro because mine was down getting new valves, and placed 3rd. in the event. :cry:. I will be keeping the crf450 for MX but I think I am going to get a bike made for the woods. But whatever I get it , you can bet it will have a electric start.

The 2-smokes dont have electric start, they dont need it like a 4 stroke. If I could have afforded it, I would have kept the CRF but I am getting married and needed the cash to justify the new bike. Dont anyone get me wrong, I had a great time on the bike up until things started to go wrong, then I felt like I had to take it easy on it to keep it up and going. I dont like to ride that way. And belive it or not, I was very fast on it in the woods, it was the hit that would wear me out and the weight, why do you think that all the top GNCCers race 2 strokes, the four strokes cant handle 3 hours of running in a grueling race. And to answer the comment about only riding in the woods, that is not the case, I ride tracks quite often to train and build endurance and the size of the motor or weight was of no issue there either.

The hit wore you out? DUH. Of course it would, like you said, that's why all the top woods guys ride 2 strokes. So why would a little 140lb guy buy a 450cc MX bike and think he could use it as a woods bike. Don't blame the bike because YOU made the worst possible choice in machinery for your application. You should have had the KTM all along.

Your comments don't make sense :

"If I could have afforded it, I would have kept the CRF" and "Dont anyone get me wrong, I had a great time on the bike", "the size of the motor or weight was of no issue there either", "when I miss snatching wheelies at 70 plus and when get tired of mixing gas"

and then

"I sold that ticking time bomb of a CRF" and "03 CRF450 SOLD ( biggest POS I have ever owned)"

Don't equate. Sounds like flame bait! Or, you had a lemon, or you don't like maintaining a race bike.

See ya back soon

HMMM, being a newbie to this site, just how far back have you gone on previous posts to check out the reliability reports on these? THats what I thought, I am not the only one with a lemon out there. And to answer another comment about maintaning a bike, I dont know of anyone out there that takes better care of their bikes than I do. I am meticulous when I comes to taking care of my bikes. Valves are NOT regular maintenance and if they were how come other manufacturers have no problem making more horsepower (Yamaha) and not having to replace valves or springs. How often do you think you have to pull the heads off of an Acura Integra type R, or a turboed Civic, or any other hi-po engine for that matter. Dont get me wrong, I have owned alot of Hondas, alot, but they dropped the ball on this one and I dont say that to irritate anyone or annoy anyone, this comes from personal experience and no one here needs to take any offense to my post. Jesus, you guys sound like you work for Honda or are major shareholders in jeopardy of crashing shares cause of my comments. As far as I am concerned its not what size bike you ride or what brand it is as long as you have fun and said bike doesn't put you in the poorhouse. And again to Maughaum, learn to quote more accurately and try to word your comments so that they make some sense when being re-read.

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