Suspension Setup (04 YZ250F)

I was wondering what suggestions you might have on what to do with the suspension on my bike. I am 16 years old, around 130 pounds, and around 5'10 and growing. Im sure the simple answer is sending it off and having it revalved and such, but anything else I should consider? Thanks.

Also any suggestions on what clicker adjustments to do? I just need to get started in the right area then I can make small changes to suit me. But like I said, I just need to get in the general area first. Thanks.

Hey Joe,

like you I'm quite light first thing is to get the right springs for your weight(any suspension web site should have a spring rate calculator) then follow the instructions in the manual.

It tells you to increase compression(hard/slower) and decrease rebound(soft/faster) when you go to softer spring.

If you need to revalve then the tuner will give some base line settings for the type of riding you do. But don't take everyone else's setting and hope they will work for you, because two individuals o fthe same weight and bikes will want different feed back from what the bike is doing.

The bike has really good boingers stock but only if you fit the weight category and trust me, you and myself don't, despite what the manual chart says.The stck springs are way stiff. I could almost guess you will need 0.039 fork springs and 4.4 rear springs.Try race tech spring rate generator.

The best thing I ever did was get the right springs, no arm pump and the bike hooked up better. Good luck. :cry:

I think yam259 is pretty close. I'd guess .40 & 4.4 He is fairly tall & growing. Start your oil ht. at 125mm's. This way if it's a little soft you can easily add a few cc's in through the air bleed hole. Thats easier than trying to take some out if its to high.


Thanks for all the great info, Ill check out race tech.

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