Triumph Rocket 2300 wheelie - rear fender scrapes! (Stuntoberfest)

Here's the first video I have ready from todays Stuntoberfest in Lakeland.

Footage is from my Cannon a70 digital camera, so it's not perfect but it is watchable and you can see what's going on just fine.

This was a demonstration ride in which Kyle Woods was going to try to scrape the rear fender of the Triumph Rocket 2300 in a wheelie... He succeeded!

I'll have more as I get it organized.

WOW :cry:

Now that's impressive! :cry:

GREAT song too! :cry:

Cool. I rode one and it is a torque monster.

i do that all the time :cry:

Now that's impressive! :cry:

The best part is that I don't think that was his bike.

Someone loaned it to him. :cry:

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