Ok, Ok . I finally broke down and bought a CRF250X. Just thought I'd share my views on the bike so far. Just some "real-world observations." For a little background, I have been an XR convert since I bought a brand new 1986 XR 250. I rode the snot out of that little bike and ownership of several XR's has followed. I have fitted them with paddles and roosted in the dunes, ridden then through countless miles of dez, and thouroughly thrashed them in the mud and rocks of our local mountains.

And I never- I mean NEVER- had one of them break so badly that I was forced to walk back to the truck. I love XR's.

That being said, I recently purchased an '04 CRF250X. I couldn't stand it anymore. After drooling over them at the local shops, I just had to have one...I broke, O.K.?

So, after a few hours on the X, here are my humble observations-

1)Speed- Stock, the CRFX is slow. In the desert washes, I am constantly looking for a higher gear. My XR4 will stomp it in a long wash.

2)Hero Factor- In tight stuff, the CRFX makes you feel like a hero. Oh, my XR4 will negotiate the same obstacles, but it doesn't always make me feel like a hero while doing so.

And the CRFX does it more quickly.

3) Ride- The suspension on the CRFX rocks. Simply amazing. In the dez, it deflects where the XR4 does not. You are kept busier, as the CRF demands more input. This is not neccesarily a bad thing, because with the proper input, the rewards are palpable. When I get on the XR4 after getting off the CRF, the XR rides so much like a couch, I keep reaching for the TV remote. This is not neccesarily a bad thing, because you can get a little lazy on the XR and it'll take care of you.

4) Reliability- The jury is out on this one, but there are reports on the CRF250 board of valve problems and burning oil. I have not experienced any problems yet, but the XR is more dependable than the claw hammer in my toolbox.

5) Fun Factor- the CRFX is a hoot. Jumping my XR4 is like jumping a shopping cart full of bowling balls. I know a lot of you guys jump your XR's, but I am convinced you are nuts.

XR's are OK thru whoops, but the little CRF is a lot less nervous and easier to save in an "emergency."

Conclusion- Comparing the bikes is like comparing apples and oranges. They are completely different in every way.

If I could only have one bike, it would be...

an XR, hands down. The bike is a do-it-all machine. It's like the family car. I will keep mine, thank-you, and will be counting on it to deliver me, in one piece, to Las Vegas this Thanksgiving weekend.

The CRFX is like my "mid-life crisis" sports car. I have found the CRFX to be the first bike I hop on when I go camping in the dez. It is WAY more of a hoot than the XR.

Solution? Buy one of each. It's good to be me.


00XR4 Dual-Sported, neccesary modifications.


Im all so thinking of the 05 crfx 250,but will keep old reliable 96 400 thank you for the excellant report. :cry:

Thank you for the update.

Considering you are keeping your XR4, would you consider the CRF250R if you were buying again? I've thought a YZ250F would make a good compliment to my XR400. The close ratio gear box would be the only concern.

If your riding an XR400 and thinking CRF......go 450R.

Just add a bigger flywheel to make it feel more XRish.

you know, I planned to keep the XR4 all along. I just wanted a light 250 stroker to play aroung on. To tell the truth, it seems that folks are having less trouble with the Yammie 250s than Honda, Suzuki and Kawi. I would buy whatever I could get the best deal on if I had to do it over again. And I would have taken a closer look at the KTMS. I dig the Honda and haven't had a prob so far. I considered the 450, but really wanted a small thumper to have some fun on and also a bike completely different from the XR4. I wanted two different kinds of bikes in my garage so I could have two different kinds of fun on dirt bikes.

Considering you are keeping your XR4, would you consider the CRF250R if you were buying again? I've thought a YZ250F would make a good compliment to my XR400. The close ratio gear box would be the only concern.

Similar situation for me. Next year I'm looking at adding either the 450x, the CRF250R or possibly a 450EXC to the (current XR400) arsenal. I rode both the CRF250X and the R on the local trails and just found the R more fun. X is a great bike though. :cry:

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