inverted or not

whats the rage on inverted forks?

does it make that much difference?

I ride a 2000 xr650r(like a mad man)

will it be that much better?

I was thinking of getting a steering stabalizer for high speeds.

can anyone help before I waste any big bucks???

no oilers

1993 klx650r

2000 xr650r

2001 yz460f

2000 xr400r

1981 xr500r

1986 xr350

I see below your message that you have ridden a current Yamaha,(YZ460F?). That should have answered your question about forks. Yes inverted are better. But - with the Summers brace the stock forks get pretty close,(the right springs help too).

Now tell me about that 460F----

hay now,it was late and I was up early

sorry about my mistake,but my brother used to rip it up on an old yamaha 360.

besides,not sure what it says on other bikes that are behind me.

no oilers

I own an 01 xr650r and all the 650r forks are the same and they all are same as an 89 kx250 stock , by what I was told through someone through factory connection that these are the best conventional forks ever made. So I wouldn't change to a USD forks. I don't know about the summers brace, but was planning to buy one anybody else know about the brace?

i got the brace as soon as i bougt the bike. i have not ridden without it but judging by the people asking me about it it had to be a good idea. i love the way it handels. just turn the bars and it will steer out of a rut. steers grate.

Dutch/Summersout - Where did you get the summers fork brace? Website?


Originally posted by Thumpdaddy650:

Dutch/Summersout - Where did you get the summers fork brace? Website?


My brother-in-law got his on sale from Barnum Pro Products at the following link. I'm happy with my bike as is, without the brace.

I used the SRC brace on my 97 XR250 - but its fork tubes are smaller, and I weigh 235 with gear on. So far on my 01 650R, the front end wants to wash out a bit on tight stuff (why I got the brace for the 250) , but that might be the extra weight. It made quite a difference on the 250.

Inverted forks are stiffer than conventionals. Also there is less underhang below the axle. Those are the 2 main benefits beyond having something "cool"

But get the SRC brace. On my Xr600 the extra weight really made the forks flex. with the brace the bike was much easier to steer out of ruts and did not wash out as much in the loose mud. It is a bit spendy, but worth every penny from my experience with it!

Matt, Dutch, Hourout - What was the installation process for the fork brace? Do you have to remove the front wheel, brake stuff and slide it up from the bottom? Do you have to remove the forks and slide it down from the top? Or does it just clamp on without any dissassembly? Please let me know as it will probably be the next thing that I will get. Thanks.

Keep on thumpin.

Hey ThumpDaddy, Did you get your Moose Seat yet? That things hardly on your bike and you're already on to the next cool thang! I thought you were looking at the White Bros. exhaust?! Oh, bye the way...when we going riding again? That last early morning straiff session was FUN!

well you have to remove your fork boots and install the wiper there. So you have to drop the forks from the tripple clamps to do that. Other than that, you just bolt the brace on.

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