Best dealerships to buy from,midwest

I live in chicago and I'm getting ready to buy a DRZ400S.I'm interested to know which suzuki dealership is best in the area/midwest, in terms of quality service, competent mechanics,ect...

me 2. try chicago cycle center. Champion cycle.

me 2. try chicago cycle center. Champion cycle.

Both of those places suck !! I've had bad experiences with both...

Buying a bike and maintaining a bike are mutually exclusive-- sometimes it's better to buy from one place and have it serviced at another....Ill get back to you with some recommendations...

Try Prosource Motorsports.... they are outside of Chicago. I live in Arizona and bought my bike from them. Great people to deal with and great prices. :cry: There website is

Please do! I figured An urban chicago bike shop wasn't going to be the place.

Thanks! I'll check them out.

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