Carburetor problem?? Jetting kit. Need advice from you pros.

What a way to start. Brand new crf250x. 1st 5 miles having these problems. Bike would bog when i would hit the throttle in nuetrel and while in low rpms in gear. Manual recommended I adjust Pilot screw and throttle stop screw, did not help in nuetral, so I took it out again for a couple miles. Ran like a turd, only to find when i get home that the pilot screw is gone. Did i ruin anything? Do i order the same pilot screw i lost? And, ive read about these "jetting kits". Do these jetting kits replace the pilot screw i just lost???????? Any help much appreciated.


You mean the fuel screw? If so, then order a zip-ty racing fuel screw

for the bike. You'll also need the washer and o-ring. The o-ring may not

have come out, so check for that. You'll have to turn the carb towards

you and look up into the hole. If the bike is running lean, then I wouldn't

ride it until you are able to richen it up. Don't know about the JD kit, but it

will not have a fuel screw.

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