Engine Cooling

I'm just breaking in a 10.25:1 Wiseco and a high performance cam. I have an IMS so I installed a remote oil filter to help cool. Now that I've jumped 2.25 points of compression, my concern is back on my overheating problem. Isn't there a bolt on shroud somewhere?

Please help with input, I'd hate to start another rebuild.

I'm not sure which bike that you're talking about, but I'm assuming its the XR600 since you mention the IMS 4.6.

To address your cooling issue, I have seen several 600's with a XR400 oil cooler that mounts on the headstay of the frame, right underneath the headlight. I saw this setup for sale on some XR website, but I don't recall what the name of the site was. I do remember that it cost around $400 though.

I'm no guru, but I would think though that if the jetting was correct, and the oil filter was in the right way, you really shouldn't have a overheating issue, unless you run at wide open throttle all of the time. Either way, good luck and I hope you get it figured out. Back when I was in my teens, I had a XR250 that I thought was overheating, but it turned out that some silicone sealant had broken off from the valve covers and plugged a journal, and slowed the oil supply to the camshaft, and the cam seized in it. I've heard of XR6's doing this with the oil filter installed backwards.

Thanks, Billy...

It's a 93650L. I already have one remote oil cooler. My concern with a second would be pumping those extra 2 quarts through 8 foot of line. I found cooling fins that are supposed to drop the temp. by 30 degrees for $250. It still seems that there should be a shroud.

Of course, several people say the right jetting is all it needs. I tend to agree, but hearing from someone with similar exp. would make a $650 gamble seem a bit less like gambling.

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