handlebar/front wheel mis-alignment

I am a bit worried. yesterday i had a 2-3 mph slide out/tip over on a flat 180 turn to try and avoid hitting a rider that had just fallen in front of me. the bike seemed fined until later when i loaded up to leave. then i noticed that the bars and front wheel seem to be a little off alignment from each other. i cannot accept that the forks could bend on the such a minor fall. what could be wrong and how might i fix this problem? the bike is a klx300r, 2003, all stock. thanks all, any help would be appreciated.

We justed posted this:

Make sure that your forks aren't binding. Put the bike on a stand, remove the handle bars, loosen the bolts in the top tripple clamp, and then remove the fork caps (they will still be connected to the rod inside the fork). Now compress the forks and see if they bind.

The bottom of the forks also need alignment. You need to check the pinch bolts on the bottom left fork. Loosen them and pump the forks to make sure the forks align at the axle. Use the front brake to anchor it for this. Then tighten the nuts and check the forks.

Pretty common after a hard crash. The torque on the forks is only 12-14 psi. I've had to straighten it on the trail a few times and guess at the torque after realigning the forks.

Burnrider is right, but out on the trail, the quick fix is to loosen the triple clamp pinch bolts and bounce it a couple of times, have a buddy hold the front wheel between his legs while you grab the bars and straighten it out. Works most of the time for me. Not that I've ever fallen or had my forks get tweaked. We all know it's usually Corey..... :cry: :cry: :cry:

Thanks. i will do that as soon as the stand i just ordered arrives. you may also have given me the technique to fix my dr 650 that has the same problem from a slide out - just a bit worse. fixing the dr would give me a bike to ride to work on again.

PS - I'm not saying that it's not possible, but I think it's pretty rare to see a bent fork on a dirt bike. I've straightened one of ours or buddies at least a dozen times and have never had a bent fork. Gouges, nicks on the sliding leg, and lots of tweaks, but never a bent fork. Good luck.

Also possible that your handlebars are bent. I had a similar, fairly low speed wipe-out 2 weekends ago. Had to drive back to the car steering left, but the bike was going straight :cry:

The problem was that the stock handlebars were totally bent on the left side. Luckily, it was at the end of the day and I was actually heading back to the car/trailer anyway so I didn't miss out on any riding. Also, now have some new aluminum bars :cry:

Anyway, thought I'd just throw that out there in case you spent some time playing with the forks and still find the bar and wheel are still mis-aligned.

Burnrider is right, but out on the trail, the quick fix is to loosen the triple clamp pinch bolts and bounce it a couple of times, have a buddy hold the front wheel between his legs while you grab the bars and straighten it out. Works most of the time for me. Not that I've ever fallen or had my forks get tweaked. We all know it's usually Corey..... :cry: :cry: :cry:

I agree with Bill, but none of my buddies will risk their niggets by MY front tire. A tree works great. Get that tire up on the side that is tweaked and give'er a "quick little jerk". Funny. For some strange reason thats what all my buds call me now.

:lol::cry: :cry:

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