OT; I'm going to share in Rossi's win

I had a huge bill this year that I think was as much Yamaha's fault as mine. Being fans of racing I think a lot of us are our own worst enemies.

I think the hero worship blindly empties our pockets.

I love watching Rossi hang it out and he has the biggest balls on the planet. Do you think when we are out on the trail we don't think we are as awesome as Bob Hannah and Damon Bradshaw!

I guess the elite racing does make the bikes that we buy awesome, and a huge bill aside,the bike is great.

I'd like to know how much Rossi makes? Chad Reed makes?

and a Barry Hawk (or Jason Raines make)

I'll bet Hawk and Raines can't touch the other two in earnings but the riding they do probably helps our dirt bikes the most.

Anyway, Rossi made me feel a bit better about Yamaha (even though he would win on just about anything).

So since some of my money made Rossi's championship a reality, I am going to share in it with him. The dude is awesome (although Sete didn't tak it too good).

I'll guess Rossi makes 10 million, Reed 4 million and the GNCC stars, I have no idea.

Big Blue rules again!

Yeah, I saw Rossi duke it out with Sete today at Phillip Island when all he had to do is come in second to win the championship. He fought with Sete in the last 3 laps and the final pass on the long double apex left hander on the inside was awesome! Rossi is the man for sure! :cry: :cry: :cry: I guess next year Honda cant say the MotoGP bike is the mother of all superbikes. Yamaha's M1 will take the honors into next year! :cry:

I'd guess you're about right about Rossi's salary. Do you think Chad Reed makes that much money? I know there's a lot of money in SX/MX but 4 mil? How much does Carmichael make? Pardon my ignorance, still learning about this off road stuff...

It was said in an Aussie paper that chad is the 7 million dollar man, however it did not state weather it was in Aus or U.S. dollars.

FWIW, Colin Edwards was interviewed by Sport Rider (IIRC) and said he made 3 mil, including endorsements. Larry

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