KLX 400 or 300

I was wondering how the KLX 400 (green DRZ) compares to the KLX 300. I'm aware of the different specs (e-start, weight, seat height), but I would like to know how they feel. Does the 400 have a noticeable difference in HP and torque. Does that offset the weight difference? How about suspension. I've currently got a KLX 300 (365) and like it very much. But I'm looking at picking up a second bike, and there seems to be more 400's out there than the 300. Your help is appreciated, as always.



If you've got a full blown 365 with all the works done to it, the 400 won't hold a candle to it. Maybe for a dual sport with a lot of riding on the street, but in the dirt, the 300 will be sooooooooo much lighter and with the 365, more powerful. The DRZ is too heavy to be a good dirt bike. Now before you blast me, I think the KLX 300 is too heavy too - but it's doable. The lighter the more fun IMO. Of course there are tons of DRZ/KLX 400 devotees who will disagree with me. Bring em on - let's go to MOAB and see who has more fun. :cry: Don't be mad DRZ guys. :cry:

PS - the DRZ will smoke a stock 300 though.


My room mate has a KLX 400 and I have a KLX 300.

His is basically brand new and mine is a mildly modded 2001. His is definately heavier but the top end on that 400 will kill my 300. However, the lowend I have on my stock geared 300 basically kicks the crap out of his IMHO. Suspension is better on his if you compair the 2 bone stock, but I am in the process of getting mine all fixed up (thanks bill_p and brewster).

But at the end of the day, he has the button, and i definately wish I had it. If i had a spare $1,850.00 i would get fourstrokeworks.com to put one in for me :cry:

I did save 2 grand though getting mine used and i definately like to give him a thrashing in the woods with 100cc less so that feels good ... ha ha ha

Here are the 2 of us: click here

... tough call for sure ...

I have the 400. Power is not a problem. Straight up wheelies in third gear at 40 MPH.

If the the 300 guys can have the 365...then we can answer with the 450 or even the 502. They will always have size and power envy. Mines bigger! :cry: :cry:

I can appreciate where a smaller lighter bike might be better in the tight and slow going of the woods. Anyplace else and they will eat my dust.

I have topped my bike out at 95 MPH (According to the stock speedo) and I have done 80MPH accross the desert floor.

How does the 300 do in those conditions? :cry:

Mutual, let's go to Moab OK?? :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

After helping my buddy schlep his DRZ over the rocks and ledges and other variety of technical stuff at Moab, I swore I would never ride one of those things. Now, I'm not a small guy, but the weight is just over the top for me. We ride a lot of very technical trails, and although the DRZ/KLX400 is certainly capable of doing it, the average rider is just whipped by the time it's over. When my tired, whipped buddy was ready to call in a Medivac chopper to take him out and just leave the DRZ, we rode it up some obstacles for him and convinced him to go on. when he finally had a chance to hop on a little ol KLX, he was amazed at how fun and flickable the KLX300 is. Mind you, the KLX300 is no featherweight either, but much more nimble in the tight technical stuff IMO. Now, if you want to play mine is faster than yours in a straightaway, go over to the KTM forum and start picking on the 525 guys. :lol: It's all good, they are two different bikes for two different rides.

I conceded slow and technical to the smaller bike. But if your goal is cross desert day tripping or extended tours...or perhaps jeep trails and fire roads...these belong to the DRZ...mo shadow of a doubt. Plus...mine is street legal. I use it to commute to work when I cannot find time to get off road.

And although the lighter bike has an advantage in tight and technical...thse areas are not beyond the DRZ as you have already admitted.

You just have to be honest about how you are going to use it to choose which one is right for you. Besides...I am 6'2" and 250 pounds. My bike needs to have the muscle to hustle ME around. Additionally I am probably only an upper B rider. If our skill level is greater then mine...I am shure you could find technical trails that I could not handle...no matter what bike I am on. The rider is the greater factor in those cases...not the bike.

The rider factor is always the most important thing. It's all about having fun. Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, yes even Orange - it's all about having fun. Everyone has a priority - power, handling, weight, cost, everyone has a different set of priorities in their ride. That's why we have so many great choices. Whatever floats your boat. :cry:

I owned both the drz400 and klx300. For me the answer is clear, I would choose the klx300 because the 400 is too big for me, 5’6”, 160 lb. The 400 has better suspension and puts out way more power everywhere. The tight trails were no problem for me on the 400, it handles pretty well once you get the front/rear heights set up properly. It was the loose hills that gave me the most trouble, but flat trails in tight woods were pretty good. Although the klx300 has got to be the king the tight twisty trails, of anything I have ridden.

I also think the klx300 is too heavy because the new mx 250 4-stroke bikes are way lighter, so it’s disappointing that they don’t update it. Most of the stuff I rode didn’t really require more power. I think you have to decide how big of a bike you are capable of riding, and if you really need the power of the 400. The 400 was just too much, and was more difficult to ride than what I wanted. So now I know the answer to your question for me, but your situation may be different.

Dont buy that junky kawazuki 400, stay with the 300 its a much better machine (suspention, weight, handling, and nearly as much power) however if you wanted the very best without question you would get a Yam WR! ha ha. Yikes Id better be getting back to the Yamaha forum before I get my ass kicked. :cry:

Well I'm definately planning on keeping the KLX 365. What I want is a second bike (don't we all :cry:). But I can't decide what. It needs to different. The KLX is definately a sweet trail bike. I was thinking either a KTM 525 EXC, or WR 450, or even a KTM 300 EXC. Just something to add variety to the rides. Anybody know how a stroker KLX compares to these? I'd consider a MX bike more, but don't want to be adjusting valves and changing oil all the time.

If you want to Dual Sport...the KLZ/DRZ is hard to beat. If you want light, fast, acrobatic...and are ok with short range...look at some of the 4stroke MX bikes like the new RMZ450 and it's competition.

I guess we need to know how you plan to use it in order to help give you guidance.

Persoanlly...I would not own two bikes filling the exact same role. They would have to have their niche and special purpose...otherwise the favorite gets ridden, and the other is left to be wasted.

I agree, don't buy two similar bikes. Forget the DRZ400 and get the 300exc. :cry:

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