04 dr650

I am about to pull the trigger on an 04'. Is there any changes for 05' I might wanna wait for? I was also cosidering the KLR but I really like the DR much more. Ed

Buying the "right" dual sport depends on where you plan to ride it. If you are heavily into off roading, the ZR650L and DRZ400/KLX are the best choices. If you are a light off roader the DR650 is fine with good off road DOT approved tires. If you are just an every know & then trail guy that isn't looking for rocks roots and deep mud or sand, the KLR650 will be perfect, especially if you put in lots of highway/commuting miles.

I think the only changes are the graphics changed alittle. I like the 04 better it has a red S.

Go for it on the DR and for an early Christmas present get the DynoJet Kit. :cry:

get the xr650r plated

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