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First Ride on a CRF 230F (2005)

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Wel, just took my new 2005 CRF 230F out too the river to do some trail/sand riding...

My impressions: Power is there, it's not 2-stroke power of course, but it's not lacking. I'm 27 yrs old, 190lbs, 5'11" tall. I can easily clutch the front wheel up in first and second... after that on the sand I wasn't able to do it. I was riding against a Raptor 350 atv and a Raptor 660 ATV... the 660 of course whipped me head to head... but I easily took the 350 raptor every time on a long straight down the beach.

We found a couple sand berms to practice jumping... mostly with the ATV's... I rode my Honda 300EX atv on the jumps for the most part, but as i got more comfortable with the CRF230... I decided to try it. This thing is really stable... the weight actually helps it in my opinion... I was running up to the jump in 2nd gear, on the throttle... not jumping much, maybe about 3 feet high at best... we were getting higher on our ATV's... distance was good... I never had any trouble losing control on landing in the sand... it was sandy on the landing but not extremely deep.

The ride to an from the good areas was REALLY deep sand... really hard to get through, but the weight of the bike didn't seem to hurt me... I was able to plant a leg on occasion to correct the bike after the sand got me squirrly.

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase... I will be going to some good woods riding next weekend, NO SAND! I figure after a while, if I outgrow this bike... after trying a new exhaust, linkage/bars, suspension, etc... I'll move up to the 250X.

keep in mind... this was my first time to ride a dirt bike... well, I rode a kawasaki 80 in 3rd grade and ran it into a tree on my first solo ride :cry:

till next time!


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