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Fresh off of the wire (so to speak)


July 26, 2002 (559) 449-2490

Radanovich Sponsors National Forest Fire Prevention Act

FRESNO-Rep. George Radanovich (R-Mariposa) demanded this week that the Sequoia National Forest be exempt from the National Environmental Protection Act and the National Forest Management Act, just as Democrat Leader Tom Daschle has exempted his state from these environmental laws to prevent fire.

"This week, I have cosponsored legislation to extend Sen. Daschle's South Dakota-specific forest plan to the rest of America and thereby free all national forest land at risk of catastrophic fire from the shackles of burdensome regulations and lawsuits," Radanovich said. "The legislation is titled The National Forest Fire Prevention Act, H.R. 5214.

"While I'm glad to see Mr. Daschle change his tune and recognize the common sense in preventative forest management, I find it appalling that the Democrat leader would seek to help his own state from the threat of fire while forests in the West burn out of control. I want this exemption for the forests in my district, including Sequoia National Forest, so that those magnificent trees don't end up like charcoal."

Radanovich continued, "In a shameless act of political posturing, Mr. Daschle killed a similar attempt by Republican Senate candidate John Thune weeks ago to help South Dakota forests, only to turn around and sneak it into a defense spending measure himself. Only smoke from a forest fire could blind voters from recognizing this kind of self-serving, back-handed politics.

"It's wonderful the Democrat leader is worried about the threat of fire in his state, but we have fires burning NOW in the west. Allowing forest managers the ability to mechanically thin and maintain Sequoia National Forest in my district could have prevented the current fire, and would help stop it in its tracks now. I will call on Mr. Daschle, therefore, to extend this common-sense approach to my district and all of the West."

This guy is up for re-election. If you care to help, go to his web site and donate. Make sure you write OHV in big letters on you check!



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