01 YZF Decompression Lever relocate

I Put Renthal twin walls on my YZF. Any ideas where or how to relocate the decompression lever? It gets pulled to tight when I turn to the right and kills the motor, ( I know, don't turn right..ha ha funny funny) lol.

I do not have the time to put the 03 cam mod on right now (later for sure). I was thinking of rerouting the cable but not sure of a safe route and I'm not sure how to mount it over the "fat" portion of the bars without breaking the mount or making it VERY susceptible to getting broke WHEN I do go down... Any help/ideas would be appreciated... thanks in advance... :cry:

Cam change is two hours max, the best two hours spent wrenching your bike.

The only other thing that comes to mind is keep an eye out for an aftermarket, used clutch perch with a built in decomp. Somebody selling their 01/02 might part out some of the aftermarket stuff. Put up a "Wanted to Buy" ad in the Parts Forum here on TT.

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