Went to the dark side -- oil that is

On my DR350SE I have only 2300 miles on it and the bottom of the engine seeped oil after every ride on HP4 which was in for about 500 miles. I changed oil and this time used Chrevron Delo 400 15w40 (less than $2 qt). Guess what? No more seepage period!

On Chevron's website they recommend Delo 400 in motorcycles as does Shell recommend their Rotella 15w40 and synthetic 5w40 for motorcycles on their website. For those who havn't checked out the diesel oils, they have all the zinc and phosphorous plus less polymers which are bad on diesels.

While I'm still breaking in my XR650R on the Honda oil I think I will be using the Shell Rotella synthetic 5w40 or atleast the Delo 15w40. I'm not too worried about spending more on the motorcyle oil but no I'm starting to think why bother with these heavy duty oils out there?


from Chevron Q&A

"My motorcycle owner's manual recommends against using an SJ passenger car motor oil. What product does Chevron have for my motorcycle?

Due to the inclusion of fuel economy requirements in the API category SJ, many oils have been formulated to contain friction modifiers. In a motorcycle wet-clutch application, these additives cause clutch slip and power loss. Chevron Delo® 400 Multigrade SAE 15W-40 is our recommendation for motorcycle use. "

I had the same dilemma with my XR600 about choosing an oil. Always have had thumpers from my XR350 back in 83. My brother in law sells oil and fuels and has been in that business for more than 15yrs, and was a trucker before that. He says that the delo and rotella 15w40 oils are what we should use in the thumpers and he explained all of the additives and stuff that I didn't comprehend. He's gone to all of the classes about their products, So I stopped using Honda oil and have been using delo and have a Powerstroke that also gets it. The only thing I still buy is the Honda filters as they look to be better built than Fram.

It's interesting that both these companies (Shell and Chevron) recommend their "heavy duty" oils for motorcycles but mobil with their Delvac 1300 will still say only their motorcycle oils are appropriate because they sell these oils. Atleast there are a couple honest in the oil business and that's how I look at it.

Those diesel oils are some pretty high quality group II oils and the price is right. I considered using Mobil 1 MX4T but for $8-11 a quart that is insane, especially at 600 mile change intervals. Honda with their HP4 for $7 a quart is giving you nothing but a straight dino oil that is 30% grp III oils.

Thanks for the tip. :cry: That is great to know. I have forworded that to everyone that I know that rides and has a computer. I will also tell everyone that I know that doesnt have a computer when I see them.

It's true about Delo 400. I was talking to the family member who sells Delo, and he confirmed that they have started adding moly. He says it's only been a couple of months, but that it now probably won't be what I want in my XR. He says he expects Rotella and others to follow suit.

Yep, this really was a bummer. I saw a oil analysis done and not only does the stuff have Moly now (Delo 400) but it has nearly 200 ppm. I contacted Chevron and asked how they could still recommend it for wet clutch applications and they said "they needed to have the website changed" Yeah, I'd say because that is false advertisement.

As for Shell Rotella, their site says that you cant put friction modifiers in a "universal" oil and still call it universal so we will just have to wait and see.

I'm no oil expert but I'd like to be educated as to how much moly effects the clutches in the BRP. I know Mobil 1 15w50 is a popular choice and works well with the bike with nearly 70 ppm of Moly. I think I may start using that on my next oil change. Mobil 1 5w40 "truck/suv" has NO moly right now and I here on other forums it seems to be working out OK with wet clutch applications.


Check out Amsoil 15w-40 heavy duty diesel/marine oil. You can get it for $4 a quart on their website if you sign up as a prefered customer. It is good stuff.

Mitch :cry:

I used diesel oils for 30+ years in my diesels, found the Mobil DelVac 15w/40 to be my favorite... and use it in my pig.... have never heard any reference to it having any moly in it, and have suffered zero clutch slip so far ...


out of the diesel oils I did read somewhere a while back that Delvac 1300 did have moly in it. My guess is that it would be lower than the moly in the Mobil 1 oils which probably isn't too significant.

While I've used the Delo in my DR350 (sold) I may just buy a case of Amsoil 10w40 mc oil. Got a guy that will sell the case at 53.40 plus around 8 for shipping. Never used the stuff but at $5.00 a qt for pure synthetic it doesn't seem too bad.


I used Amsoil years ago in my old Harley, and loved the stuff, engine ran a helluva lot cooler under the severest conditions, proving to me the anti-friction claims are substantiated ... my old HD had a dry clutch (as dry as anything stays on a Harley, anyway :cry: so I cant say how it is for the wet clutches ...

I've run Gold Spectro Semi synth. in my streetbike (wet clutch) for years with no slipping at all. Is there something that drastically different with the piggy's clutch pack that warrants not using this oil?

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