help with resistance readings

I'm having electrical problems. I did a resistance test on the stator coils and want to know if the readings are good or bad. I haven't purchased a service manual yet. The reading on the ignition pulse generator(pickup coil) was 240.6 ohms. The alternator(signal coil) was 16.6 ohms.

If anyone knows what the readings should be please help. Thanks.

Well, your username implies that you're on a KX, but you're posting in the CRF forum? Get the shop manual for whatever bike yer working on.

You didn't say what bike this is for. The only reference material I have is for a Kawi KLX. Pickup coil = 180-280 ohm.

Charging coil = 0.4-1.1 ohm.

Most digital ohm meters have trouble reading coils because of the inductive reactance of the coil.

Ride on


The bike is an '03 crf 450.

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