What if?

If i ported my cylender, got a hi comp piston, and put a pipe on the bike woudl i have to run pump gas?

You will need higher Octane gas. Most things that modify compression and add horsepower require you to run high octane gas.

Pump gas is crap for any bike in my opion...please do your self a favor and run at least 96 octane :cry:

what if......

what if your grandma had balls would she be your grandpa :cry: :cry:????

dont take it serious im just busting your balls :cry: :cry: :cry:

The porting and pipe have no reason for you changing gas but the hi-comp piston may require a higher octane gas or higher oxygenated gas like VP ultimate4 to prevent knocking.

ok thanks. but has anyone ran a hi comp piston and know for sure or not if you have to run a higher octane gas?

I put the 262 kits on ours which kicks the compression up +1.5, they have to run with premium gas.

I dont know if the +.75 piston needs premium though.

If you have Sunoco stations in Illinois than Ultra 94 should suffice.;

The best we have is 93. could add some octane booster.?

Would octane booster make the bike run better stock?

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