Anybody recommend a good disc guard and chain guide?

Hey ya'll, I'm looking to bullit proof my bike and thought I'd get a rear disc guard. I figured while I was at it, I would replace the stock chain guide and get a case saver. Does anybody have any feedback on which ones are the best?


Got my stuff at I bought their sharkfin for $20 the other one is a little pricey. Got my front disc guard from Devol ordered through the Honda dealer and don't forget the Devol radiator guards. You'll soon be riding an M-1 Abrahams tank, just add your own 50MM.

Stinger Missiles! Yeah Baby, Yeah!

I have the Devol disc guards front and rear and they are nothing short of armorlicious baby. I am thinking about replacing my chain guide with the Freddette guide as parts look easy to obtain.

I would also suggest putting on the Applied Triple Clamp Limited Edition "Commando" Model made of the titanium/kevlar alloy. This should allow the 50 mm to be bolted right on, and should holt up better than the flimsy OEM machine gun mount. Uncle Don's Machine Gun Parlor in Portland should be able to hook you up with all the protection an American needs while cruising the trails in Turkey. Good luck, and wear a vest.



Ya' know, it's hard to beat a good shot of humor after a long day's work...hahaha.

I think I'll have to go with the "commando" upper triple clamp because anything kevlar/carbon/composite should attract the chicks. I decided against the mark 19, as recoil wouldn't definetely be an issue. I think a good electronic countermeasures system would be a good idea to weed off those pesky heat seeking and radar guided missiles. Besides, being able to dispense some chaff or flares at your buddies when they try to pass you, would make for a good joke. As far as wearing a vest, do ya think Fox, or Oneal might make me a set of desert camo, full kevlar motorcross pants and jersey?...Or maybe Scott could come up with model 89 night-vision goggles???...the possibilities are endless...8^)

Billy, You could paint your Pig black and get a Batman suit...that would be kinda Stealthy! But then again, they might mistake you for a Freestyler and they'd try to frag you for shure!

TM Design Works has durable and strong items.

Sharks with Frickin' Lazerbeams mounted on their heads!

scotts rear sharkfin w/integral caliper carrier is far and away the best.PERIOD!

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