Any rain at/by Prairie city?

If so,Iam going to make the trip over tomorrow.

Please "O" please say yes, My bike is sooooo clean!!



yes we got a small sprinkle or too today...not really rain, but now at 700pm I hear some more drops outside. ........i just checked ITS POURING OUTSIDE !!!!!!! Finally we got rain

Yup they had some good rain today. :cry: We went up around 8:45am and it was pretty dry. By the end of the ride I was slipping and sliding in some actual mud. I don't usually like riding in the rain, but it was well worth it today. :cry: It was so fun. It should be great tomarrow, if it stays dry enough to see.


If any ones going to be there, look for the DRZ with a TX plate.



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