Header dent :confused:

While riding yesterday I put a significant dent in my White brothers yz400 header.

What are my cheap options? It is a pretty big dent.

Are their ways to fix it myself?

Are thier any local shops like muffler repair etc.. that could fix it?

Amy help would be great,

Brian Bills

Most shops will get it out for you for a fee. If its titanium don't try it yourself. I was told that Ti when heated with a torch will disappear.

check these guys they fix 4-stroke headers and titanium too

Pacific Crest Pipe Repair

How safe is it to fix the header myself? Will it explode? Does anyone have experiece doing this?

Can an average smuck such as myself do this without killing myself?


Brian Bills

I second tip from the Motoman site provided by Yak. I have done it and it works. It is amazing to watch it blow out straight.

Hmm, I have a WB tapered headpipe that I smash on a large branch or small stump while I was riding. Hopefully I didn't throw it away. :cry:

I used Pacific Crest Pipe Repair and was very satisfied with their work. They did a really good job and I got it back within 5 days of mailing it out.

Thanks guy's.

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