Read threads hilights keep going off...

Anyone experiencing that when your screens refresh, the unread threads all go gray (are not hilighted)? Mines been doing this for a few days now and was wondering what's up.

Mine seems to do that also...

Well at least I know I'm not the only one. Did yours always do it? I'm starting to wonder if maybe it's my new cookie settings or something along those lines.

just guessing, but the site probably has a built in session timeout. maybe only 10 minutes or so now that there are so many active members. i'm guessing you have your accounts set to automatically log you in, but after 10 minutes of idle, the session times out and then you refresh your screen and it autologs you back in and refreshes the most recently read post in your profile, so all the previously unread threads are now history.

does that make sense? or am i stoned. :cry:

Weeeeeeelllll, that would be correct :cry: if I were sitting idle for 10 minutes or so, BUT, I'm sitting here real busy and they still go off.

Nice try though.

Eddie :cry:

it's one of them newfangled upgrades they keep threatning us ole timers with. :cry:

I was hoping it wasn't an upgrade.

Oh yeah, and I'll get back to you on your replies to my threads on suspension. Nobody else seems to give a rats A88 about it. Guess they think I'm losing (lost?) it or something. :cry: Crap, I can't even hardly get anyone to look at my stuff anymore.

OK. It's cookies. When I downloaded the new Microsoft updates, it allowed me to play with cookies more. I turned some features off and that was the culprit. Might want to check if you're experiencing these probs.

I had the same problem. I jsut hit mark all threads as read, and it cleaned up the problem.

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