Getting a YZ250 from motorcycle-brokers OPIONS PLEASE!

Well, I made up my mind! I am planning on purchasing a 2004 yz250 from I know a lot of people have bought their bikes from them. Please let me know about negative and positive experiences. Has anyone ever bought a yz250 from them. If you have a yz250 how do you like it? I have to sell my bike first! OHH GOODIE :cry:

Anyone interested in a 2003 cr450f? $4200. Bike has blackfoot Honda graphics, hinson clutch basket, renthal fatbars, brand new tires, oil filer, oil, air filter changed every ride. BIKE IS MINT AND FAST AS HELL. If your in the North east and interested email me! :cry:


Just curious. How much did you pay? Was it fast? I am switching from a very fast 2003 cr450f to a 2004 yz250? Does anyone know if the cr450 is going to be tuns faster? :cry:

Big Steve, the CRF450 and the YZ250 should be fairly comparable in speed. I prefer the 4stroke power range over the 2stroke. Why are you buying a 2004???? The 2005's have the new aluminum frame and are a bit lighter than the 2004's.

Probably because he is going to get a good deal with buying a 04' :cry:

Hi. Thanks everyone for your help. I am buying the 2004 because I am getting a good deal on it. It's also one of those budget things :cry:. I am going to pay a tad under $5k for it. It comes with an extra top end kit and other parts. I was thinking of getting the 2004 yz450f but I'm getting a but tired of 4 strokes :cry: I email motorcycle-brokers and asked them if I could put a deposit down on one (they only have a few left) then when I sell my bike I could purchase it? I only have half a month to sell it. If it doesn't sell then I will have to wait till next season! :cry: Does anyone know if you will hold a bike for you and what's the longest amount of time?



I'm sorry but I doupt that they will hold it. They will want to move it asap. Just a thought though..... :cry:

OK THIS IS SICK. They just replied to my email. THEY CAN HOLD IT FOR UP TO 5-6 MONTHS!! Now my next question is?? How the hell do you do this :cry: Their isn't a checkout or shopping cart or anything. Do you just send a money order with your order/contact information (basically an invoice) :cry:

Congrats! I can't believe they will do that!!!! Way to go! :cry:

be careful..if that is the one in don't get a is sold as used...even though new in crate.

be careful..if that is the one in don't get a is sold as used...even though new in crate.

No it doesn't come with the 30 day warranty, but it's unlikely you'll have any problems w/ Yamaha 2-smoke. Both myself and a friend have bought bikes from MC Brokers, and have had zero problems. Just make sure you grease that sucker up and change the oil when you take it out of the crate.

Hi. Thank you for your advise! WHOOA 2004 yz250 here I come baby!

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