Muffler packing?

I have a 99Wr400 (4-stroke) with a Power Core IV muffler attached to a DMC header. I pulled apart my muffler to find half of the packing missing. I looked in a few catalogues for packing and found through Dennis Kirk 4-stroke packing for $8.99 on up to $40.99. Is there a need for the high dollar stuff or is the standard high temp/high density ok? Help Please. :cry: :cry:

race tools makes a packing cartridge for the p-core 4 its around $20 and is way easier than loose packing :cry: :cry:

buy some fiberglass insulation from Home Depot/Lowes

thanks for the info. i'll check into the packing cartridge. :cry: :usa:GO BUSH :cry:

Any body else have any input? :cry: :cry:

didn't like the cartridge? "try it you'll like it" :cry:

Quiet Products sells the Moose fiberglass and also the stringy cartridge type Race Tools packing. It's a matter of preference and cost. Fiberglass is easier and cheaper to install, but doesn't last quite as long.

I'm going for the cartridge. Where can I find the race tools cartridge. :cry: :cry:

I found the cartridge on line at race tools web site. Go figure :cry:. Thanks for the help. Ride on :cry: :cry:

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