To pro-taper, or not to pro-taper...?

I got a buddy back in the states that wants to sell me his extra pro-taper CR hi-bends. I was just getting ready to order an applied triple clamp anyway, so how good are the pro-tapers versus the standard renthals. I have some Jimmy Button bend renthals already which I'm really happy with, but this guy claims that the pro-tapers really cut down on vibration, and reduce shock to the this true, or is he feeding me a line?


As far as the vibration reduction is concerned there may be a difference, but for surviving a get off - the ProTapers are much better than the "Benthals".

I have to agree with DUTCH. The vibration stuff might just be marketing hype, but I've been using the same CR hi bend since I first put them on my 600 in '97. Now they're on my 650 and expect to be able to switch them to my next bike in a few years.

Ive had the ProTapers for a few months now and I can attest they are very strong. I am 270# and 6'7" so I beat the heck out of them and the bike as taking some tumbles that have offset steering but never the bars.

Pro-Tapers have the highest strength compared to all the other makes, regardless of price.

they're the best.

I have the CR-hi bend Pro-Tapers on both my bikes. Great bars.

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