Drag Race: Crf 250X vs. DRZ 400-s Both BONE stock

yea...i race my car sometimes...but this bloak wants to race bikes....its not a really long distance, i went over it a couple of times today and i reach about 10000rpm in fifth as i cross the line. he thinks he can beat me....i have no idea but im gonna do it. what are your guys' thoughts.

you will probably edge out a stock S model.

i think so too because i rode a blue 400s once and it was a toad! no offense to anyone since im only 14, but wow it was like a brick...and if i were in 3rd gear, the drz would be in mid range of 2nd....oh well, im probably to weak to handle an s....happy ridings :cry:

how do you race your car if you are only 14? :cry:

In south dakota we can get licenses at age 14. :cry: :cry:

That's scary.

My stock DRZ400 against my sons CRF250X (jetted), Prarie City, rolling start, he gets out about3-4 bike lengths ahead but when I get to 5th I go by. I would guess at some point short of a quarter mile. Mike in Modesto

In south dakota we can get licenses at age 14. :lol: :lol:

I ENVY YOU :cry:

I must wait until im 18 :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :lol: :lol:

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