Seems like the CRF guys are just cruel. Even to one of their own!

Rafartist (whom I rode with here at Rausch already), just got rid of his CRF450 and got a KTM 200EXC.

Now, as he says how he is much happier on the KTM, and he really was ticked at the maintenance on his CRF (valves and such), all the CRF guys do is make remarks about "well, it should handle better, it's a 125", and about how he should change his sig.

If we had a guy on a KTM swap to a Honda, and he posted that here, or on KTMTalk, I have no DOUBT we would all be asking how he likes it, what he likes better, worse, and to let us know how it turns out!

The CRF guys can say absolutely nothing construcvtive! :cry:

Thank you, I dont work with a "factory" budget or have the skills and tools necessary to replace those "maintenance issue" valves. I am sorry, but that bike was a POS and feels like a tank compared to my 200exc. And for all those over there talkin smack about having double the power, I invite them to run a HS or GNCC, I'll even run the bigger class and I still hand it to ya in the tight stuff. I dont understand why they feel so threatened when someone leaves. Its like joining the CRyps or something and then trying to get out. Christ, I had a bad experience and it seemed that they had addressed none of the issues at Honda so needless to say, they werent getting another $6000 out of me. ANd now I have a 6 month warranty and a nifty handbag to carry all of my goodies in. :cry:

The Yamaha guys have not done this to me. Dwight however gets REALLY twitchy if he sees the 2-stroke in the sig. :cry:

Make sure you bleed the air out of the forks regularly.

I'm an outcast too.. :cry:

I'm an outcast too.. :cry:

:cry: We'll hang together. The really funny thing is that I wait a lot longer for my buddies to catch up than I used to and I'm not tired at the end of a long ride. Must be that my riding has improved. :cry:

The Yamaha guys have not done this to me. Dwight however gets REALLY twitchy if he sees the 2-stroke in the sig. :cry:

HEY NOW !, I have plenty of 2 smokes in my garage and Museum. A matter of fact I will be riding 1973 Hodaka Combat Wombat ISDT Ed Chesnut Replica this weekend at the ISDT Reunion.

Maybe I should be riding my 1972 Honda SL125 instead ?

HA ,


Just giving you a hard time. :cry: Good luck and how about some pictures of your's and others bikes at the race?

Hey Guy's

I used to have an 01 520sx.

Switched to an 04 rm250.

Very happy, am I still alowed to come home and play?

I'm not a CRF guy, but what do you expect when your friend is saying how the CRF's are a 'POS' (look at his signature)? I don't blame them chewing him out...Just because he didn't like his doesn't mean everyone won't like it :cry:

Re-read my post again, I said nothing about CRF's in general being a POS, I said mine was, that was from personal experience. I have never owned a bike that cost me more than that one both initially and to maintain it. Do those guys work for Honda or have stock in them cause my comments should have raised no tempers. They were my experinces and if asked if I would reccomend one to anyone I would have to say no, not with Yamaha and KTM making reliable bikes. Yamaha makes a bike with a motor so potent that they felt the need to detune it this year and you dont hear of people tearing those engines down regularly. Granted their suspension sucks but FC or Race-Tech can fix that.

Just giving you a hard time. :cry: Good luck and how about some pictures of your's and others bikes at the race?

Send me your email and I will send you some photos from the ISDTR.


You know what!

I woke up this morning jumped into my truck .....on the way out I always look at my bikes and smile ....some people just dont get it do they!!!

Lets say I lost my job then got robbed and lost my savings from drinking and or drugs............well If I had to start over I would be just as happy as I am with a fleet of new 04's or out dinking around on a 1978 DT 175 (green)........people just dont get it how lucky we are

some of the a**holes that think they know what is the best are the biggest part of the problem...

So enjoy your ride no matter what it is!

and just have fun people......

Well put wheelie!.....Not too sure about the DT175 though. :cry:

thats right, i am always saying my life is great cuz i have my big orange machine in my garage, if i didnt have a dirt bike i dont know what i would be doing, i had a POS KDX200 and i still loved it, wheelie is absolutely right, we are some of the luckiest people in the world to be involved in such a great sport, and especially to have this website so we can all get together and talk about our problems, achievments, and just w/e the hell we wanna say lol :cry:

THis is the first time since this post came about that I haven't felt the need to defend myself in some way or another. I agree totally with Wheelie, as long as I am riding something and its not putting me in "the poor house", I am happy as a clam. I am just really happy now cause I own a "pumpkin". :cry:

The Yamaha guys have not done this to me. Dwight however gets REALLY twitchy if he sees the 2-stroke in the sig. :cry:

HEY NOW !, I have plenty of 2 smokes in my garage and Museum. A matter of fact I will be riding 1973 Hodaka Combat Wombat ISDT Ed Chesnut Replica this weekend at the ISDT Reunion.

Maybe I should be riding my 1972 Honda SL125 instead ?

HA ,


ah the 1971 Honda 125 SL was my first bike - green! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: no actually it was my second bike - first bike was my dad's hand me down CB 100

Rafartist, considering that you're calling the CRF a "POS" I think the CRF guys are being pretty cool for the most part. You need to understand just because you had a bad time with the bike doesn't mean others might love it and everything it has to offer. I know that if I were a CRF owner that I would watch my valves (just like any other fourstroke) and there wouldn't be and issue. I trust the Honda brand and their products just as much if not more than the others. When I bought my 300 I instanly had two oil leaks on the thing and I was pretty upset. But it all got fixed and it doesn't mean that all KTMs are POS. Your signature makes you look like you haven't gotten over it. Maybe you should. peace :cry:


I said that mine was a POS, not every one of them. And about the valves, I did watch them, I watched them creep right up to .000 with less than 50 hours on the bike, in my opinion that is ridiculous. Maybe I got a lemon, who knows, but if asked to reccomend one, I would have to pass with Yamahas and KTM's having superior reliability. Those guys over there were well aware of all of the issues I had with mine because everyone of them was posted and talked about before. I dont know what I was trying to accomplish with the post other than letting everyone there know why I wouldn't be posting there often anymore and to let everyone know that I wouldn't be worried anymore what was going to happen next. :cry:

You know, it's sort of intresting really. I have been heavy on various sites through the years, watercraft and bikes (street and dirt) particularly, and the sites that explode in users seem to be the most likely to get a bitchy tone. Not all of them, but plenty do. It is a shame when that becomes the ongoing theme, takes all the fun out of it. I have drifted away from the CRF forum myself. I hope it's not becoming one of those groups where guys are waiting to jump onto the first sign of a fight, probably because they are bored :cry:

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