Which bike is for me?

I'm looking at the yzf250 and the wrf250. i want a bike that can haul me around for a few good years(alot of miles) with lower maintaniance, im 5' 10" 160lbs. All i ride is around the ranch in some badlands just messing around with friends and small jumping, iv heard after thre free mods on the wr it feels alot like the yz, is this true?


I think you want the WR instead of the YZ, so you have a head light, larger gas tank, and bigger radiators (for hot days in SoDak. You don't want to run out of gas in the middle of the Badlands!

Yes the WR can be made almost as fast as the YZF. The 20 pound difference makes the WR a little slower to acccelerate, but its top speed is higher (5 vs 4 gears).

(5 vs 4 gears).

both the YZ250F and WR250F have 5 speed transmissions. (see *note*)

but the WRF's first gear is lower, and fourth and fifth gears are higher.

WR = Wide Ratio transmission, a holdover from the late 90's YZ250WR enduro bike.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

(*note*) this is not the case on the 450F models.

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