Dual Sport Problems

:excuseme:I put together a Baja Designs "quick Realease" dual sport kit with a front mount Scott's damper and Cycra handguards on my XR400 . I removed my panoram computer before the install and I can't seem to find a spot for it now. Any experienced ideas would be great.

get a GPS with a ram mount. Does everything a Panoram does, plus tells you where you're at!

yeah right.... unless your in the woods and then it wont tell ya crapola.


I found out that if I move the damper link arm and turn the damper around, I can re-mount the computer to the front handlebar mounts like normal. Now my damper says STTOCS!

I'm a new wrencher and this weekend was was driving me nuts trying to figure out how not to break my new (expensive) parts and trying to ignore the guys who immediatly suggest cutting, drilling or gorilla-ing my bike.

Get a Garmin 76S and it will. The one from a box of cereal wont. :cry:

maybe out there, but a gps wont here on the east coast, the trees block out the sun on forest service roads..

I'm not kidding either

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