Kickstarter Spring Popping Out

My kickstarter has been sagging lately. I took off the crancase cover and found the return spring on the base of the casing instead of in the hole. Every time I put it back in the hole as soon as I put the kickstarter pedal on, it pops out of the hole again. Do I need to wind it differently (I have been winding about half way around, clockwise)? If you have done this, I would appreciate a reply. Even if I am doing it correctly, let me know that and I will try a new return spring. I guess it is possible that the end broke off or something and is shorter :cry:. Suggestions?

Are the washers etc in the correct location?

If the end of the spring snapped off you wouldn't be able to locate the end in the hole.

If the kickstarter returns to position normally, you are putting the spring on correctly. I recal a time it took me a few attempts to get it right, the kickstarter never wanted to return.

Best of luck.

I think it is correctly put in. Others? :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry::lol:

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