My first ride- impressions, story, questions

Well today was my first ride on the YZ250F! I've been riding and racing street bikes for a few years, but heard moto-x'ing is great for training and good to fullfill those off season blues so I decided to try the dirt thing out. I can already tell its not going to be an accessery to the road riding but another seperate obsession completely. I was looking for a 125 to start but every one I found was trash or too far, found a highly modded '00 RM250 for a good deal and settled for that as a first bike, I wasn't really being cocky thinking because I ride a 1000 on the street/track I could handle a 250 on the dirt no problem, but figured if I understand its a powerful bike and take it easy with a careful right wrist I'd be alright, didn't take long before I found out that bike is a monster and I have no business trying to learn on it. So once again I set out to find a 125 when a friend told me the YZ250F is where its at. Found a smokin' deal on one on e-bay, it was in North Carolina, the closest part of NC is less than 2 hours away so I figured how far can it be, talked to the guy and it turned out it was in the very bottom corner, about 9 hours away crap! that weekend was the AMA Superbike and Supermoto races at VIR so I convinced him to deliver it to me there in exchange for a free set of tickets for him and his son.

Its a 2001 and pretty much bone stock and I plan to keep it that way, except for a few functional things, already ordered a '03 cam and a set of bark busters, he added a hydraulic clutch which i really like as well as a side stand, that came in handy i couldn't count how many times today, and did the all the free mods.

Ok, so first time out today at the local moto x track, immediatly I can tell this bike is so much more friendly, more potential than I can use but it doesn't bite you in the ass just trying to putt along like the RM did. One thing that was really hard to get used to for me coming from street bikes is having the front and rear slide and not meaning instant crash, i got pretty used to the rear sliding around but i still have very little confidence in my front and would check up everytime it would start to slip, i'm getting better with letting it do its thing but i guess its just a trust thing i need to build up... tried a few smaller jumps and got pretty comfortable with that, but i found if i'd try and hit a new one i'd land nose first more often than not... all in all i had an awesome time, only one spill, i was in a turn and heard a faster rider coming up on me so i went to the outside of the turn to let him by, well the outside line was sandy and the front washed out and the bars turned to the steering lock, this caused me to accidentally pin the throttle wide open and snapped around sideways and tossed me off, well i somehow landed sideways on my back still on the seat hanging on to it, it took me for a ride through some bushes before it and i crashed, must have been quite a spectacle for the guy behind me, but i sat there for a minute, realized i was unharmed, brushed off a few pounds of virginia clay and picked up my bike and went on my way, try that on a street bike! another thing i was worried about after reading was starting the thing, but it never gave me any problem at all... anyways thats my little story, i just had too much fun and i had to share, any tips for a dirt newbie greatly appreciated

Welcome to the dirt and TT. Riding tips are in the technical forums. I'm no MXer but what I repeatedly hear is for slower riders to hold there line on the track. Don't try to "get out of the way". You end up getting run over that way. The faster rider can get around you if you are not swerving all over the track. If your front tire is the stock Dunlop 739, then ask around at the track for recommendations for a replacement. The front should not be sliding out very often.

congrates on the bike i had a similar experience with a 02 yz250 ,that thing was an animal never riden anything like it still to this day.

maning up and saying these bikes where to much for us was the best thing we could have done.

do your self a favor and get yourself a bridgestone 401 up front and 602 rear that combo works great for me.

spend more hours on the track and you'll reap the rewards :cry:

yz250fs all the way :cry:

hahahaha typical first timer story.

Like was said earlier, KEEP YOUR LINE! Moving to get out of the way is the fastest way to invite serious crash.

The nose tipping down is because you are letting off of the throttle as your go up the face of the jump. Keep it steady, or accelerate just slightly. Clamp the bike with your ankles, and stay out of the ruts on the jump face until you can deal with them.

When you turn the bike look down at your crotch. If you can see the seat you are sitting too far back. It's one of the main reasons the front will slide out.

The rear can slide out because you are braking it too hard, or you arent sitting on top of the bike going thru the corner. It's the exact opposite from street bikes.

Here is a couple of great places to get tips for free. (look in riding) (start at the bottom of the list)

yea all my street bike riding has created hard to break habits, i must have told myself 200 times to scoot up forward, kept finding myself sliding back... and

yea holding your line and letting the faster rider pass you is the rule on road race courses, i guess thats the only habit that didn't carry over

thanks for the tips

Awesome. Good to see another new person enjoying the sport.

yea holding your line and letting the faster rider pass you is the rule on road race courses, i guess thats the only habit that didn't carry over

now that you have reaffirmed that, you wont do it again. :cry:

pay particular attention to the photo ops in the corners. look at where there legs are and where the seat is relative to the buttismo crack. It is like I said the exact opposite from street riding.

Once you learn to sit "on top" of the bike going thru the corners you will speed up considerably.

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