After a baffle is taken out, can it be put back in?

i get made fun of for having a quiet bike when i go to the track and i was wondering if i could take it out, then put it back in when i get done riding...plz help :cry:

Blow past them and then there will be no reason for them to

laugh @ you. There is NOTHING wrong w/ having a quiet bike!!

Havin' a quiet bike is cool. Think of it as a Stealth Bomber.

If your buddies can't hear you coming up behind them, you'll be past them before they realise what's hit them. :cry:

There is a torq set screw on the side of the exhaust where the exhaust exits the muffler. You can simply put it back in when you are done and tighten it back down. Mine seems to run a little better with it out.

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