Suggesions- Lowering seat height on WR400

I need to drop about 1-1.5" to get a little more of my feet on the ground as i'm on my toes right now. I don't want to make any permannent changes to the suspension so I've come up with a couple ideas. :cry:

1. Go to smaller tires - 17" rear and 20" front

2. Cut down seat foam

3. Combination 1 & 2

4. Zip - Ty magic link (should I also raise the forks in the TC with this one??) :cry:

5. Adjust sag, but I think I'll have to go way too soft and get poor handling.

This bike is a daily rider to and from work (7 miles each way), but I need something I can adjust back to serious off road off-road for weekends. I'd put my use at 65-35 street, but my dirt time will be moderately aggressive.



1 Cut seat

2 Lower subframe by sloting lower bolt holes.

3 Run a little more sag and raise the forks.

Also you could use smaller tires with the same rim a 125 tire butt :thinking:I wouldn't.


Waiting on an e-mail from some custom seat folks. I'm not too confident about messing with the seat faom myself. The Mechanical stuff no sweat, but foam and vinyl :cry:? no way

Thanks for the input

BM :cry:

Its no sweat you could cut it down with a eletric carving knife then shape it with a 4"grinder.

Or just buy low seat foam.

If you where in Socal I'd do it for a small fee.

I used to do auto upholstery ......Hmm you could also take it to a local auto upholstery shop. :cry:

I tried the electric carving knife on my old kdx and butchered the seat foam. It came out really bad and if I needed to do it again, I would bring it to a local auto upholstry shop.

I didn't even think about and auto shop. good idea guys



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