Yamaha Blue - Touch up paint

I have 2003 YZ250F that I am trying to find touch up paint for. The front of the frame, around the fram oil plug gets pulverized by debris from my front tire. I would like to paint the area on occasion but have not been able to find any information on the paint specs or where to get it. If anyone has information please pass along.


When in doubt, go long.

PJ1 Yamaha blue. Most dealers should have it or you can get it thru Rockymountainmc. Looks best if you use the PJ1 primer and clear coat as well. I painted my frame where it rubs from my legs and it matched perfectly :cry:

I was quoted this when I filed my claim with forward air...








That's what they were going to sell me to fix the scratches on my frame at Rock River Powersports...

Yeah the pj1 stuff is sapossed to be really good.

Thank you!! This is just what I was looking for! Can't wait till they start making 250Fs with the aluminum frame... :cry:

Yeah then hyou dont have to worry about it.

I simply used some Ford Tractor Blue paint. It is not a perfect match, but stays on good.

If I were to repaint the whole frame, I would use flat black--it would be easy to touch up afterwards with any flat black paint. I think it would look pretty trick too.

PJ1 is excellent stuff. I use to touch up my frame before i got my frame guards...but it will last longer on the front where you're talking about..don't even bother painting the frame above the peg over and over again. LOL do it before u sell it.

i got the PJ1 stuff but i havent used it yet

For the PJ1 stuff, do you just spray over the scratched area and clear coat? I want to do mine while I have the whole bike apart, and if I decide to keep it blue I may just do that.

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