Ok well, ive been on a 2 stroke for a LONG time and have never really liked 4 strokes until i took the 426 for a ride.. It was the baddest bike ive ever ridden. I llike it so muchg better than 2 strokes. I have been looking into a YZ250f. How is this bike? It lokos pretty good hows the power on it? Is it reliable? Could I get a '01 or '02 for like 2-3 grand? Thanks a bunch

YES!!! :cry: :cry:

Go for the 250f...the bike is awesome and will haul even a big rider like me (200lbs). I've had every type of yamaha over the last two years and I have finally settled with the bike you can buy. An 01 or 02 250f should be in your price range. My friend bought an 01 in the summer for $2100. Get the bike, you will be very happy.


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