Lake Wenatchee Raceway Park

In case you PNW riders havent heard, there is a new motocross track at Lake Wenatchee. Billy Binckley and crew have purchased the Squirel Tree Inn property and are in the final stages of completing a full on motocross track.

In fact the first two races of the NW Arenacross will be held there. The first practice is Oct 24th 10am till 4 pm

The first races are Oct 30-31. Yep Halloween,

Should be a great place to race and practice.

Also they are having Snocross races also this season!

Check out web page

is billy binklye in relation to rich binckley?

Very good news! The closest track to Wenatchee that is open to the public is Horn Rapids. With something close, I may just have to get back into Motocross. :cry:

Richie is his uncle,

they are both way fast! Billy rides only MX/AX


Open practice this Sunday from 10 AM till 4PM

$25.00 to ride till you puke.

If nothing else there will be lots of local pro riders there.

I heard they have a table to table jump that will make for some sick airtime.

Cory and I plus many more will be there.


I'll probably be there, since it looks like the practice out at washougal is going to be a rain out. I'm sure alot of the guys who are doing the AX series will be there. I'm not doing the series just be there to check things out.

Anybody know what the layout is going to look like? Something for everyone, or strictly a pro track?

Thay run BEG class all the way to PRO including 50s, 65s and a kickin Ladies class.

Something for everyone for sure!

See ya there,

Look for our "Team Photofinish" "Lynnwood Motoplex Racing"




There should be alittle but of something for everyone, it your rode the old indoor in alrington then you'll have an idea what to expect. That track was built by the same guy.

Will they have a seperate kids track, like MXGPR?

Is it open enough that you could drive up and walk around it yet?

That'd be great if it is beginner friendly. That's not much more than a half hour away!

As far as I know you should be able to drive in and check it out right now.

Binckley did some of the track layouts at the indoor Motoplex track but mostly they were done by another employee.

Most tracks that have races have eliminated the big doubles and dangerous jumps and replaced them with table tops, Step ups and offs. Same air times without the big gaps to wad up in. The only bad thing about this is the amount of dirt needed to make a tabletop, almost 5 times more then a double.

Keeps the injuries to a minimum and keeps the insurance underighters happy.



hey what's up drtrdr you and your son going sun ??? if so i'll see ya there happy to have a track a little closer :cry:

No practice on Saturday?? I hope you guys take some pic's for us that can't make it.... :cry:

well went out there but if you didn't go you did't miss much I didn't ride. They got some rain the night before and the track was just to wet to ride to mushy/sloppy. I'm glad i'm not racing there next weekend. As far as layout it's not a huge track but looks like a fun layout nothing real hard. It's right behind where the chevron is off hwy 2 right opposite of fish lake exit. I'm just bummed the conditions were so bad, I saw a few brave souls try and it was not lookin fun. When i give it the gas I want it to go forward not sideways :cry:

Yes mother nature was not kind to the track sat. night

It snowed and rained hard.

If the weather holds out it will be a great race.

My son went out for a couple of laps and had about 50 lbs of mud on his brand new 05 250f. Yuck!

For those who stayed the track was good in the late afternoon.

See ya at the races


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