Bk/GB carb mod -426f

Does the Carb mod burn up a motor? I am very worried that if I do that I will burn something up. Need some input on that. Does it also make the bike more of a blast to ride?

Why didn't Yamaha put the accel pump like that from the factory?

just do it. it works. you must have ridden 2 strokes. A four stroke will not blow up if you mess with the carb. It just runs like crap. The BK mod works amazingly well. The reason that Yamaha did not do the mod from the factory probabaly has to do with economics. More tuning on the carb means more man hours and a higher price. Too high a price means lower sales.

No, this mod will definitely NOT burn up your motor. The only way you will be able to tell the effects of this mod is if you are jetted right to start with. If your jetting is in the toilet, then you probably won't notice the difference with the GB mod. Does it make the bike more of a blast to ride? I would say yes, because it helps eliminate the Yamabog. As for why Yamaha didn't do this from the factory- who knows :cry:

Thats cool Ill do it.

does this carb work for the yfz400 and where can I find info on this mod?

The mod for the yz400f carb is called the Taffy mod.

heres the link>>>>> Taffy mod

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