help!! or the honda gets it

well.... where do i start?

96 xr250 was running fine... then one day it decided to smoke like a train and spew oil out the exhaust... so far ive replaced the top end gaskets including valve stem seals...given it a valve grind and replaced rings... and put it back together... it still smokes, but not as bad as it was... bike runs really well but is still using alot of oil... now... in the gasket set were 4 little green 'o'rings that i have no idea as to where they go... so the bike is now in peices AGAIN....have been told the little 'o'rings are to sit down under the locating dowels from the head to the bore.. is this correct??? i have also been told that i may have put the scraper ring and the compresion ring in the wrong way round. is this even possible to do? would it cause it to smoke like a train if it was round the wrong way?

if anyone can shed any light on this... you have no idea how greatful i will be...

p.s if i cant get this bike to stop smoking it is going to end up in the creek behind my house (really not joking)

Right, So you say that if ran Perfectly fine until one day!

That sounds like somone has put Diesel fuel in your tank! :cry:

That is the exact symptoms of deisel in your fuel, The diesel out the exaust would look like sump oil, mixed with the carbon in the pipe.

But that doesn't explain the engine going through oil, Usally oil level increases if diesel fuel has been mixed with gasoline.

Is it really using engine oil, or just making a big mess?

So if this is correct, you need to wash out your tank, fuel lines and carby with solvent. And that should fix it!

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