Second request, stuck hotstart

The hotstart is stuck on my 01. I cannot get to move at all. I have tried WD40. Is it supposed to come all the way out when unbolted? The manual shows it coming out. There are no internal items I might break if I really lay into it? Any suggestions?

Yes, it's supposed to come all the way out. Mine was stuck too and it was a BEAR to get loose.

All I can tell you is to keep working at it. Spray both sides (yes inside the carb) too.

Good luck

I'm going to guess that your hot start setup is an aftermarket item. If so, start by removing the lever from its perch so that you can rotate it around to get the cable out of it (unless there's enough slack to allow this with pulling the lever). Doing this will let you pull back the nut that secures the cable tothe carb far enough to get a good look at the plunger (the air valve). Spray with a good pentrating oil (GM's Heat Valve Lubricant is outstanding for this kind of thing. Get it at any GM dealer). Heat the carb with a non-flame source like a hair dryer.

Using a pair of bent nosed needle-nosed pliers, grip the plunger by the very end where the cable slips in and see if you can first twist it loose a little.

Then, pull the spring out of the way, and grab the cable near the nut with the same pliers. with the tips bearing against the nut, place the curved part of the plier jaws against the carb body and carefully try to lever the plunger out of place, sort of like pulling a nail with a hammer.

Be very careful with all of this, as the cable and plunger can only take so much abuse before breaking and leaving you in a bigger mess than at first.

Once it's out, use a 6mm nylon rifle brush from the sporting goods store to remove ALL of the white crud from the bore in the carb (it grows back), and steel wool the plunger clean. Remove any burrs you put on it while extracting it.

To keep this from happening again, be sure the seals on the cable are in good shape, and add a little boat trailer wheel bearing grease, or other high quality water proof lube to them. Avoid directly spraying water on the cable area when washing the bike.

Most importantly, after you wash it, start the bike, and as soon as it will run without the choke, bring the revs up high enough to keep it from stalling and hold the hot choke open for 30 seconds or so. This will draw any water out of the air valve area and keep the problem from coming back. It has worked for me everytime, except for the time my kid forgot to do it.

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