I have a dream

i have a dream of becoming a pro freestyle rider like deegan or carey hart but i just turned 14 and i have been riding for about a year now but anyway im really good for the time i have been riding and i am a very very good mountain biker i was sponsered for mountain biking a couple months ago.Will mountain biking help me in anything and i if i practice every week for around 6 hours a week do u think i will achieve my goal/dream.I am getting a cr125 2 stroke in 2-3 months

Six hours a week of practice will just keep you warmed up.

A pro level rider will put in more like 6 hours a day.

If your serious, you'll need a foam pit to practice. But for now, just practice, practice, practice on tracks and jumps. But if your in BC, isn't it going to be snowing soon??

Yeah snow really suxs!!

I wished I lived in California too!!

Kid, not to crush your dreams or anything, but i doubt it is gonna happen. Not only that, freestyle is very very dangerous, not something a 14 year old kid should be doing. A regular mx racer can take a spill on a track and usually walk away, not on FMX, you could be paralyzed from 1 small mistake. Not only that but you have only been riding for a year, and practicing 6 hours a day, be real, theres more important things such as school and the things that matter. But, im not saying dont follow your goals, but it is a highly unrealistic goal.

i think you'll be better off to keep dreaming

If you really want to do it you need to:

1. Ride every day

2. Workout, weight, cardio, cross train

3. Start racing MX and try to go pro (Most FMX riders used to be pro for a while at least)

4. You need a CR250, not a 125. I think only travis tried a 125 in FMX.

5. Take a lot of MX classes

6. Move someplace so you can have your own track and FMX jumps.

If you do all that, you'll have a shot, but its still a lot of hard work.

Good luck, even if you don't become a pro FMX rider, you'll be a very good rider, maybe a pro MXer, or a GNCC racer.

FMX has become to competitive. i remeber when i was 16 i was doing free style on hilly farm land in a feild with cows......beat that. 2 years befor i factured my neck on a 1996 KX80 whel i feel 12ft outta the air off a bad jump, i was lucky to live let along walk or use my arms. 2 years later i had gotten great at pulling a clif hangers supermans and stuff like that on my 1997 honda CR125 with a 167 kit and PC pipes with applied tripple clamps and tag bars. anyway u need more time on a bike, pro ride all day, thats all they do, ya gotta ride things like out in cali at the sand dunes, sweet crap, jumping a bike on a metal ramp gets old fast i think, a few cool tricks are cool but its just become a thing like BMX stunds, its old news for me back in 1997-99 was when it was blowings peoples minds away! i gotta dreams to, to build a 1985 ATC250, XR400 race 3wheeler...mine is a lil more real then again i am 21 and your 14 get the bike and have fun with it 1st.

stay on the mountain bike!! I don't think you have the resources to make the freestyle work out like these guys say. I've had so many big dreams fail so don't get burned,, compromise. Using mx as a training ground is a good idea. Good luck!

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