250R suspension help needed...

I know there's a suspension forum and I looked in there for an answer, but I wanted to ask this in the CRF250 specific forum...

I'm 5'9, 145 with all gear on. With my race sag set at 100mm, my free (static) sag is mid-forties (44 / 45). The manual says that's way too much. Should I go to the lighter rear shock? And if I lighten the rear shock, will I need to change springs in the front, too?

The reason I'm worrying over this is:

a) I want to get it set up for optimum performance

:cry: I get a really nasty head shake in 4th and 5th gear.

Kinda unnerving, if ya know what I mean... :cry:

I had the same problem, If you have a lot of free sag when not sitting on the bike you definatly need softer springs. Im and average B rider and I weigh about 145 with gear too. stock front springs are .45 I went to a .43. In the rear i wnt a coulple spring size softer too. If you do the rear you should do the front too. WMR suspension did mine and its good. Talk to Willie Manning if your going to get it done. He will help you out alot.

Did changing your springs get rid of the head-shake?

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