Edelbrock Quicksilver Question

How does temperature affect the jetting of the quicksilver carb? Does it need adjustments for seasonal temperature changes?

[ July 29, 2002: Message edited by: jaybert600 ]

im thinking about getting the the carb. i am tired of losing enduros due to the stupid flooding routine. i just want to kick and go after a dump! i am staving the money. it is uncorked and a wightbrothers e series pipe. i run 12 disks. what jetting would i need to do for the east cost about 500-1000 ft. thanks. :)

The answer to both your questions is the same: You don't need to change anything. After you install the carb and get it properly tuned to your elevation and bike modifications, it is unlikely that you will ever need to change anything ever again. That's the beauty of the EB QS carb. It is truly a great piece of equipment. I live in Phoenix but ride all over including Utah and Colorado. The instructions say you may need to change needles (easy chore) if you change more than 10,000 feet in elevation. I have not found this to be a problem. Get the carb and you'll have no regrets. Good luck,


You dont need to do anything! It really does fix about all the stock carb issues with the XR600s!

No cough outs, no stalls when you dump the throttle, the bike will still run on its side, plus starting is a one kick deal. You can also adjust the carb on the fly if you install the knob on the top of the carb. Really is a nice unit and you will not regret buying it!

The only bad thing I can say about it is the cold starting. The "enricher" setup is a bit tricky to learn. But you only need to go about 1* past level to make it work properly for the bike.

Make Sure you check the settings on the carb when you get one.

My brother put one on his bike a coulpe of months ago. Before he even recieved the carb he got a call from edelbrock telling him he would have to turn the fuel inlet around as they installed it backwards in the Factory. We installed the carb and the Bike never did run right after that. We made small adjustments to the settings with no luck.

He was ready to pull the thing out and put the stock back in. Before he did I told him to make sure the carb was set up as the instuction say. Sure enough he was no where near the recomended settings. I think the carb was never set up from Factory as they say it is.

He took the bike out last weekend and loves it.

What do you guys do with the Idle speed adjustment Knob ? We have not come up with a good way to mount it yet and hate to see it just hanging there.

I just put Quicksilver in my 97 XR400. I love it! Still tinkering with the adjustmets. This carb can be so finely tuned, nothing like a stock carb.

I had a problem with my idle adjuster. I tried using a zip-tie to hold it out of the way, but the crimp that holds the cable on came loose. Now I have to either re-crimp, solder, or weld it back on. I would suggest everyone look at the crimping on the cable. I have heard of a few that have come undone. Alos, one of the techs at Edelbrock said he has heard of the same and is going to get them checked out.

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