Seems there is a ton of CRF 450 for sale......

First off this post is in NO WAY meant to "stir the pot" towards the red riders.

I have been steadily searching the "For Sale" forum lately for a friend. There are a ton of 450 CRF's for sale. Most with hardly any rides or very low hours. I am rather surprised and am wondering why. If I was buying red, (which I am most certainly not), I would be skepticle from the number of "for sale" ads. Am I missing something? Is there a problem with them that causes owners to ride them a few times and then sell them.

First off, this is not for cheerleading blue or for anti-Honda posters. "Just the facts, Mam!"

Second, Some will prolly take offense to this. Don't say I FOS or it is just my imagination. It is fact! Go to the forum and just go back 15 pages or so. There are more CRF 450 's for sale then any others including a certain blue bike that has been available for what..... 4 years longer. :cry: :cry:

May be because of all the HYPE of the new 05 CRF450R?

All the mags give the impression that the new 05 CRF450R is greatest bike produced to date.

I really don't see too much CRF450R's for sale on TT though.

The 05 CRF450R will cost most people in the west coast at least $7000.

I think most people are keeping theirs.

well, they're built to win races this year, if you know what i mean.


i think alot of people jumped on the offroad bandwagon and either found out that they werent cut out for it or got hurt. and the high amount of crf 450's i would say is because of honda's popularity.

From what I can see, CRF450 is indeed a very nice bike to ride or race, it has easier powerband to use than the more aggressive YZF(from what I read from magazine)

And from DRN, looks like many are going back to 2smokers, reason been the high maintenances on the thumper, particularly the CRF, although the YZF also have, but not as much like the Honda.

Imho, the factory riders can care less about the maintenance of this high performance race machine as their job are only to win races, but to us mortal, riding is just all about fun. But when the maintenance times is more than the riding time (and more $$ spent)

I guess this is the reason they are selling?


i would very much like to own one, if it doesn't cost me that much for the maintenance.

however, if ya can manage all this, good for ya :cry:

My buddie is selling his so he can get his race money pay outs from honda... The bike can only be so old to get the red money pay outs. So he gets a new one every two years....

The Honda is the best selling 450 by a wide margin. More bikes sold new equals more bikes sold used. One interesting thing I noticed is (here in SoCal), they're a dime a dozen used, but new you're getting a good deal to get one for MSRP OTD, compared to the Yamaha, which you can steal for $1000 less all day long. This was for the '04's, a few months back too. Now, like the post above states, you're gonna pay $7000 for a new '05.

Since Honda is releasing and all new frame for the 450 and a soon to be released CRF450X there will be plaenty of used bikes for sale.

Pay out money is usually for 2 years. so 2004 and 2005 bikes are the only units that can get contingency money.

By the way, Yamaha is not even in the same league that Honda is in the 450 class. Go to any Yamaha dealer and you can see the dust collecting on brand new 426 and 450 models. :cry:

I have a CRF and my friend rides a YZF.

Our local shop still has a 03' "BRAND NEW" YZF that they are trying to unload. They cannot keep a CRF in stock.

I like both bikes but boy does he hear my BS when we see that bike!! :cry: :cry:

Just means that the prices will drop like a lead balloon...too many = cheaper prices..

I love both Honda and Yamaha. On the track I like to ride my yz450f 04 because it is more aggressive and is more fun to ride but out on the trails the Honda is king because of the way it uses it's power. Back in 94 I think it was the Hondas were crazy to ride just like Yamahas are today. With everyone coming out with aluminum frames I think it will be all about weight this year. I'm curious to see which bike my mag sides with as the best thumper this year.

Check the CRF forum. Some of those guys must be made of money, because they get a new bike every year and outfit it with pipe, suspension and every piece of foof and bling bling you can buy before they even ride it. Some people have to have the newest coolest thing all the time, and since the 05 model is all new...

Another problem the CRF has is the fact that magazines rave about how smooth and easy it is to ride. Don't get me wrong, it is - FOR A 450CC MX BIKE. But Billy Bubba who sees that in a magazine and runs down and buys one is still going to get scared sh&tless or killed in his first 10 minutes on the thing. :cry:

And as was stated, the high sales volume, contingency plans, etc, all mean that there are more CRFs out there to be bought and sold in the first place.

I think the hondas have the most star appeal.... either (old)guys buy em on impulse, crash once and sell them or they are raced and sold after a year.

The yamaha guys around here seem to ride theirs until they are a pile of rubble.

Honda sells 20,000 Crf 450's a year. It's a numbers game.

Many upgrade every year or two, they get a good price for their used CRF's because they're in demand. It makes the new model less expensive (out of pocket) if you can get a majority of your dough back selling your relatively-new used bike.

MXA is the biggest champion of the YZ450F, however they admit that their testers prefer to race the Honda and while simultaneously criticizing the CRF, they chose it best 450 of 2004.

There are numerous valve issues posted on the Honda 250 and 450 forums that seem to indicate a problem. However, there are a lot more Hondas out there and maybe the old guy just getting back into racing may not be up to speed on maintenance. I think the Yamaha may be more durable but that is just my opinion.

It's funny that Honda has changed their powerband to be more like Yamaha and Yamaha has changed theirs to be more like Honda. ("Now the four-stroke that conquered the world offers a smooth transition of power"-New Yamaha ad

Choose your weapon!

Another problem the CRF has is the fact that magazines rave about how smooth and easy it is to ride. Don't get me wrong, it is - FOR A 450CC MX BIKE. But Billy Bubba who sees that in a magazine and runs down and buys one is still going to get scared sh&tless or killed in his first 10 minutes on the thing. :cry:

To be completely honest I was disappointed with the CRF450R. I heard all the hype and was excited when my buddy let me take his for a spin... I got bored on it. Not enough pick up for my likings although the power was nice and smooth, and the fact that it stalls so damn easily just aggrivated me. Ill stick to my 500cc 2 smokes. :cry: :cry:



I got bored on it. ...Ill stick to my 500cc 2 smokes.

You won't be bored! :cry: :cry: :cry:

im still amazed how any one with a pulse can become bored on a motorcycle! the proper way to address this problem is "I have more fun on a 2-stroke then a 4-stroke".

Ricky signed with Suzuki and all the wannabies are selling their CRF450R's. :cry:

Ricky signed with Suzuki and all the wannabies are selling their CRF450R's. :cry:

:cry: :cry:

When Jeremy was on top, everyone was on a Yamaha. Now it's Honda's turn. Next year it could be Yamaha (Reed) Suzuki (Charmichael) or Kawasaki (Bubba).

I'll stick with Yamaha. Since I don't have factory support building and maintaining my bike, I'll stick with the most reliable bike off the showroom floor and that's the yamaha. I was going to buy the CRF until I rode it. It just didn't feel right to me and that's what counts.

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