Del Mar results

Del Mar, California

Results: October 17, 2004 (Round 6 of 7):

SUPERMOTO (18 laps; 24 riders): 1. Doug Henry (Hon); 2. Jeff Ward (Hon); 3. Kurt Nicoll (KTM); 4. David Baffeluf (KTM); 5. Benny Carlson (KTM); 6. Mike Metzger (Hon); 7. Mark Burkhart (Yam); 8. Gary Trachy (Hon); 9. Steve Drew (Hon); 10. Muller Daniel (Yam); 11. Matt Pursley (Yam); 12. Jurgen Kunzel (KTM); 13. Johnny Murphree (Hon); 14. Leonardo Bagnis (Hus); 15. Matt Burton (Yam); 16. Josh Chisum (Hon); 17. Calvin Andlovec (KTM); 18. Mike Hale (Hon); 19. Leighton Haigh (Hon); 20. Travis Pastrana (Suz); 21. Alexandre Thiebault (Hon); 22. Don Howard (Hon); 23. Chris Fillmore (Hon); 24. Doug Chandler (KTM).

Time: 19 min., 33.690 sec.

Margin of victory: 1.164 sec.

JUNIOR SUPERMOTO (10 laps; 13 riders): 1. Andy Wood; 2. Tommy Aquino; 3. Ryan Ferris; 4. Brandon Ward; 5. Toby Stay; 6. Jett Chandler; 7. Devin Booher; 8. Danielle Diaz; 9. Andrew Brown; 10. Ricky Wells; 11. Matthew Riggs-Spanjol; 12. Taylor Trallion; 13. James Pool.

Time: 10 min., 50.660 sec.

Margin of victory: 2.221 sec.

SUPERMOTO UNLIMITED (18 laps; 24 riders): 1. Jurgen Kunzel (KTM); 2. Kurt Nicoll (KTM); 3. Benny Carlson (KTM); 4. Micky Dymond (KTM); 5. David Baffeleuf (KTM); 6. Darryl Atkins (KTM); 7. Graham Cheney (Hbg); 8. Justin Ross (KTM); 9. Calvin Andlovec (KTM); 10. Jason Baldwin (KTM); 11. Johnny Murphree (Hon); 12. Joel Tarquin (KTM); 13. Jason Chisum (KTM); 14. Rick Pearce (Hon); 15. Ryan Pugh (KTM); 16. Steven Ayler (KTM); 17. Mark Cernicky (KTM); 18. Mark Avard (Hus); 19. Cassidy Anderson (KTM); 20. Paul Nafziger (KTM); 21. Terry Meyer (KTM); 22. Scott Hoffman (KTM); 23. Leonardo Bagnis (Hus); 24. A.J. Herrera (KTM).

Time: 19 min., 43.190 sec.

Margin of victory: 14.427 sec.

AMA SUPERMOTO CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES POINTS STANDINGS (After 6 of 7 rounds): SUPERMOTO: 1. Jeff Ward (136/2 wins); 2. Doug Henry (116/4 wins); 3. Jurgen Kunzel (108); 4. Mark Burkhart (77); 5. (TIE) Alexandre Thiebault (74)/Kurt Nicoll (74); 7. (TIE) David Baffeleuf (73)/Steve Drew (73); 9. Chris Fillmore (71); 10. Benny Carlson (68); 11. Josh Chisum (62); 12. Leonardo Bagnis (69); 13. Gary Trachy (13); 14. Mike Metzger (41); 15. Brandon Currie (36); 16. Matt Burton (27); 17. Larry Pegram (21); 18. Travis Pastrana (20); 19. Mark Willis (17); 20. Matt Pursley (15).

SUPERMOTO UNLIMITED: 1. Jurgen Kunzel (129/4 wins); 2. Kurt Nicoll (116/2 wins); 3. Micky Dymond (112); 4. Benny Carlson (98); 5. David Baffeleuf (98); 6. Cassidy Anderson (71); 7. Justin Ross (68); 8. Darryl Atkins (66); 9. Leonardo Bagnis (60); 10. Graham Cheney (54); 11. Cole Walsdorf (44); 12. Monte Frank (41); 13. Mark Avard (40); 14. Joel Tarquin (39); 15. Jason Chisum (38); 16. Paul Nafziger (33); 17. Travis Marks (25); 18. Craig Mason (24); 19. Rick Pearce (23); 20. Steven Ayler (21).

Interesting to see a few brits in there, Nicoll and Leighton Haigh didn't know Leighton was in america.

What a great show these racers put on this weekend. I can't beleive I got to see one of the bikes catch fire! I've never seen that happen :cry:

Ya, we watched that whole thing go down. One bad luck moment after another. Looks like after he crashed the brake line got pinched. Took him a while to get the bike started. The next turned the front brake locked up and he was out doing taste tests on the pavement. Then it was time to break out the marsmallows. Fire! Fire!

Lots going on.

Privateer rider goes from back row of the grid to 8th place. :cry:

Anyone got any pics?

I don't attend 1 race in 2 years and I miss all the action.

Privateer rider goes from back row of the grid to 8th place. :cry:

Thanks Greg!

I have not posted for a while because of the crazy schedule we had to get through the last few weeks!

Del Mar was great! The track layout was tight, but very cool! I was not too confident going into the weekend. At the So. Boston round last week I caught my foot in the tires that are on the inside of the corners. I was in 11th place, but had to drop out after that. I drove home and went to therapy 2x a day for 4 days. I was still sore but I taped up and went for it.

Qualifiers.... While running 4th I tucked the front end and had to go to the last chance. I then finished third to transfer to the main.

Main....I got a great start and battled really hard at the beginning. Josh Chisum and I had a tight battle. We are always in the same spot at the same time! It funny how we just always end up right next to each other.

I'm really happy to go into vegas with my best finish of the year. I will have my work cut out for me there. It will be all the best riders from the year with a few other invited riders. This race is going to be big. And I'm going to be ready!! Thanks for all the TT support throughout the year! :cry: :cry:


You are the man, I have not been at the track for months now, with my house project, the new TV series, and a serious arthritis condition that is getting worse by the day, my racing career is probably over.

I dont think I have met anyone who puts as much time and effort into improvement as you do, and if I were out there racing, I would want to be just like you bro.

You got some great air time on OLN for the Reno race, and I was screaming at the top of my lungs for you, my family thought I had lost my mind :cry:

Anyway, keep up the good work brother, you look fantastic out there. :cry:

Gary, I just picked Mark up at the airport and one of the first things that came up is you even racing much less getting a very good finish. I was thinking last week after we left the hotel you wouldn't be racing this week but glad you got that knee working and now you can enjoy a couple weeks relaxation time till the final.

Once again good job! :cry:

RAD....I didn't think I would be racing when I was leaving So. Boston! I had ice on my knee every 20 min. for the entire 2500 mile trip home. I couldn't believe how much better it felt after physical therapy. I expected it to get worse instead, movement and icing made it better!

Also.....Mark started right next to me on the last row. He rode a great race as well to finish 7th!!!! RAD...Did he fall in the qualifier or did he have bike problems?

:cry: :cry:

Great Races to watch...And NICE work, Gary! Very Impressive :cry:

Gary, you didn't hear? His bike through a rod(literally, like out the fron of the motor) at the end of the front straight. Poor Mark crashed and slid into turn one. The bike then caught fire and the AMA had to douse it with a fire ext.! :cry: Mark jumps on the back up bike and comes from the back row to 7th! Dude is a bad ass. Poor Tryce looked worn out by the end of the weekend. Kind of like me at Reno! :cry:

Tryce was wore out long before he started the super moto races .i bet he enjoyed every minite of it the man lives for racing

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