2003 CRF230F Forks


I own a 2003 CRF230 and am having a problem with my forks.

I have found they are a little sof after riding with them with softer oil in them for a while so what oil and springs should i put in? I think i need to go harder because i'm getting bad headshake on fast sand straights and it is not feeling good. I race GNCC and am a slower rider most of the time. Any advice?

How much do you weigh? Where are your sag numbers at? Where are the forks in the clamps? Some more info will help.



Since you're a frequent poster on the 150f/230f forum, did you not see the mod that many of the 230f riders have done to theirs to firm up the forks w/out having to buy heavier bbr fork springs ?

renew fork oil w/ 15wt

get 3/4" fender washers and stack them 5/8" thick to preload the stock springs

go ride.

Also, like what doc is alluding to, what is your sag numbers? your sag could be so far off on the back end that your trailing angle is what's getting affected. All you may need to do is make your adjustments on the rear spring collar to get the proper rear sag, and you would have eliminated your headshake.

I have a 230f that I share w/ my wife. What she doesn't know is that I have the sag set for my weight :cry: :cry: :cry: and when I ride that bike hard, even through deep sand and winding out 5th, the bike is very stable, and does not even need a steering stabilizer. The suspension is that good right off the showroom floor.

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