Need a left engine case. Can you buy just one? ASAP!

I busted the left engine case and need another. The right side is ok. Can I replace just one side or are they matched up from the factory?

Also, do the new cases come with any of the transmission bearings? Can the old ones be removed from the old cases without damaging them?

I just replaced the left side on my 250. When I did it I replaced all the bearings but it did come with a few already pressed in. The smaller ones were already in.

The ones that weren't in were the balancer shaft, countershaft, upper transmission shaft, crank.

I'm sure it's the same for the 450 too.

When you order bearings for that case look on the transmission breakdown for the bearings for the coutershaft and upper trans shaft. They won't show them in the case breakdown.

Order all new seals too.

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