Husky and Chandler?

What happened to that deal? Why did Doug jump over to Husky and not see it through? It's not like it was the first time he's dealt with Italians and Cagiva. Eddy Seel's 450 sure had some snot at the X games, they should have left that bike here for Doug. Best to Doug no matter what he rides!


Even with the extra weight of the e-start and battery, his bike was seriously fast. Of course, I doubt very much that it was the bike, but he actually looked pretty comfortable on it.


He could not get any parts for it.Not even a gasket kit.Sponsored by Husky but the distrubutor was unwilling to return even the simplest phone call. :cry:

He should have called my dealer, has a "gasket kit" for an 04TC in stock.

let's see, a KTM dealer bags on Husky :cry:

I can do the math

Husqvarna = Box van and a set of tools

KTM = Factory big rig and mechanic :cry:

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